Marshall’s Latest Major Wireless Headphones Offer 80+ Hours of Battery Life

Calling everyone who appreciates an exceptional pair of wireless headphones!

The fourth iteration of headphone and wireless speaker brand Marshall’s Major series of on-ear wireless headphones brings a whole bundle of welcome upgrades and cool new features to the table — including a very impressive battery life of over 80 hours. But more on that later.

The brand new Major IV still has the sleek and iconic Marshall look square earcups, and features pebbled faux leather on the headband. A multi-directional control knob on the back of the right ear is a feature kept from previous Marshall wireless headphones, and answers or rejects calls, pauses, plays, skips, rewinds, etc. all at the touch of a button.

There’s also a 3.5mm socket that allows you to share your audio to another headset, or to simply enjoy your music tethered to your computer.

Another bonus is the improved ergonomic design which makes for very comfortable listening. The Major IV’s ear cushions are a lot softer than Major predecessors and feel like little clouds, and they mold to the shape of your ear better. A word of warning, though: I have a total of nine piercings running up and down and around my ears, and the pressure from the headphones kind of hurts after a while. But considering most people do not have nine holes punched in their ears, I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Possibly the most noteworthy feature of the Marshall Major IV is its battery life, which boasts 80+ hours of listening time on a single charge. This is a huge improvement from the last generation that promised 60+ hours, as well as most of the other wireless headphones on the market that advertise around 25 hours.

Another nice addition to these wireless headphones is the new wireless charging feature that makes it even easier to always have your gear charged and ready to go…or you can just use a USB-C cable for wired charging. And what’s more is that the headphones charge at lightning speed, where only 15 minutes of charging will give you 15 hours of listening.

When it comes to sound quality, custom-tuned dynamic drivers deliver unbelievably rich sound with a strong bass, silky midrange, and crystal clear treble for top notch sound.


Here are the full specs:

  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Driver type: Dynamic
  • Driver sensitivity: 99dB SPL (100mV @ 1kHZ)
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Weight: 185g / 5.82oz

Get it here for $149.99.

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