These are the Funniest Moments from the Final Presidential Debate of 2020

After a disastrous first Presidential debate back on September 29th, Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate former Vice President Joe Biden came face to face once again last night to duke it out one last time before the election on November 3rd.

The first debate was messy. It was sloppy. It was even more chaotic than any of us would have ever imagined, and therefore, it was perfectly meme-able.

Unfortunately for the meme world but fortunately for the sake of everything that actually matters, the final Presidential debate was nowhere near as insane thanks to the practical addition of mic muting, and President Trump’s newfound self-restraint. In fact, one might even say that the debate was…civil.

While it wasn’t exactly the most meme-worthy of nights, there were still some magical moments that we all loved to hate. Check it out.

When Trump said he’s the least racist person in the room.

“I know more about wind than you do.”

Biden in the Basement

This whole thing about fracking, denial, and pulling up receipts.

Allow me to elaborate. During the debate, Biden denied that he had previously claimed (multiple times) that he opposed fracking. Trump was like “excuse you, yes you did,” and then he pulled up a bunch of receipts and posted them online, as you can see in the Tweet below.

The ultimate troll? Methinks yes.


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