15 of the Sexiest Things a Man Can Do in Public, According to Real Women

Sexual and romantic attraction are complicated subjects that most of us still haven’t completely figured out. Sure, messaging a beautiful woman on Tinder to set up a date is simple enough, but once you’ve physically met up with her, small details matter, my friend.

Without even trying, you can totally give her hearts in her eyes and have her looking forward to going home with you…but how?

Wanting to learn the secrets of what exactly women find sexy outside of the bedroom, a Redditor took to AskReddit to post the question: “Girls of reddit, what is the sexiest thing a man can do, in a public setting?”

The post attracted over 3,000 responses, and personally reading through all of them, I compiled a list of the 15 best answers to help you step up your dating game. You’re welcome.

1. “I find it extremely masculine when a guy is considerate of everyone around him, regardless of if they’re a stranger, a man, or an unattractive girl. Seeing a guy be helpful, kind, and friendly to others is a huge turn on, because it makes him seem genuine and like he has nothing to prove.”

2. “Confident posture while walking.”

3. “Nothing sexier than a man telling a funny story.”
-Deleted user

4. “Parallel park excellently.”
-Deleted user

5. “For me it’s when a guy stretches with his arms above his head, his shirt comes up a little as his pants drop a little lower. Exposing a bit of stomach and hip bone. Makes me lose it every time!”

6. “When he rolls up his sleeves.”

7. “I love it when a guy is an amazing driver, especially if it’s a stickshift. All that control is a major panty dropper.”

8. “Anything fatherly. Like playing catch with a nephew. Nothing gets these birthing hips more excited than a man whose good with children.”

9. “Laughing with his friends. Makes me feel like he is more friendly. Either that or doing comedy. Man a funny guy is attractive.”

10. “For me it’s showing off your smarts. It drives me crazy when a man knows his stuff.”

11. “Dress himself well. Even if he’s dressed casually, just the thought that he cared about his appearance enough to go out in public not looking like he recently emerged from a dumpster is hot.

“But man….a well tailored suit. Gets me every time. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.”
-Deleted user

12. “My top thing is be confident, but don’t be an asshole.”

13. “I’m very attracted to kindness. A man giving a hand with a grocery bag, holding the door, letting his seat on the subway, without expecting nothing in return. It’s extremely sexy.”

14. “Groom yourself with care. You can significantly improve your draw by smelling good, looking like you shower, keeping your nails short and clean, shave or keep your facial hair trimmed and neat.”

15. “If a guy is reading a book that I’ve read/am familiar with, well.. that’s pretty cool. Tells me something about their personality, and increases the probability that we’ll probably have something to connect with over.”

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