10 of the Comfiest Sweatpants You’ll Never Want to Take Off

The year is 2020, a.k.a. the year of working from home. At a time like this, no one gives a single damn about wearing jeans or stiff trousers, which means any and all of your sweatpants are getting your undivided attention.

If you’re looking for some new sweats to put into your rotation, here are 10 fantastic options.

Champion Premium Reverse Weave Men’s Sweatpants

(Photo: Amazon/Champion)

Crisp, clean, and comfy without looking frumpy. This is the ultimate pair of sweats for any price range.
Get it here for $35.

xSuit Corporate Pant

(Photo: xSuit)

A pair of sweats that are insanely comfortable, all while being indistinguishable from a fancy pair of work pants. As one of our editors eloquently puts it: “I’ve got an xSuit and honest to god they’re legit. You could run a 5k in the thing.”
Get it here for $180.

Alife Generic Logo Sweatpants

(Photo: Alife)

Add a pop of color with these eye-catching red sweats, made of heavyweight pre-shrunk 12 ounce fleece.
Get it here for $120.

SNS Collage Sweatpants

(Photo: SNS)

Sweatpants that bring out your edgy grunge side a little.
Get it here for $119.

J. Crew Marled Brushed Fleece Sweatpant

(Photo: J. Crew)

Your new favorite WFH, workout, pajama, lounge, errand, etc. pants. In other words, you’ll never want to take these buttery-soft sweats off.
Get it here for $69.50.

Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

(Photo: Public Rec)

When you’re WFH but still want to flex. As you should.
Get it here for $98.

Ministry of Supply Momentum Chino

(Photo: Ministry of Supply)

Not your average chino! These bad boys infuse the classic khaki pant with unbelievable softness and stretch that you’ll forget you aren’t wearing actual sweats.
Get it here for $135.

John Elliott Waterproof Terry Sochi Sweatpants

(Photo: John Elliott)

There slightly more upscale sweatpants are crafted from Japanese nylon taffeta and custom-knit French terry that has a waterproof finish. You know, in case you drop your beer or something.
Get it here for $468.

Uniqlo Sweatpants

(Photo: Uniqlo)

A classic pair of sweatpants with no frills.
Get it here for $30.

Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Trouser

(Photo: Buck Mason)

Lazy-day pants with a flattering slim fit that looks good on just about anyone.
Get it here for $95.

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