8 Great Canned Cocktails To Get You Lit on the Go

How do you feel about canned cocktails? I’ll be the first to admit that initially, I wasn’t into the idea at all. I have a simple bar at home where I can easily whip up a drink by combining a couple ingredients together, and I was content with that. Plus, as someone who tends to dislike ready-made anything, canned cocktails just made me think they’d taste like those gross plastic-y piña colada mixes.

Oh, how ignorant of me.

Once I finally bit the bullet and tried some canned cocktails people have been raving about, I was enlightened. There are some delicious ready-to-drink cocktails out there.

Aside from taste, the convenience is unparalleled. Just crack open the can and you’re good to go. And unlike bringing a bottle of wine to the beach or park or something, cans are inconspicuous if you’re drinking in public! Just slide that boozy can into a koozy or a Yeti Rambler Colster and no one will suspect a thing. Coca Cola or tequila? No one knows. It’s genius.

But don’t get me wrong — there are some heinous monstrosities on the market disguised as palatable alcoholic beverages. So, to save you the trouble, I personally taste tested a bunch of canned cocktails and selected 8 of my favorites to share with you, because I love you all.


Vide Vodka Soda

(Photo: VIDE)

Vodka sodas are an absolute classic when it comes to cocktails. Simple, refreshing, and gets the job done. Right? Right. However, it sometimes seems like certain trendy spiked seltzers have given the traditional vodka soda a bad rap thanks to their unapologetically artificial flavors and overly saccharine mouthfeel.

And this is exactly why Vide should be on your radar, my friends. This 5% ABV drink comes in watermelon and cranberry flavors (with cranberry being my personal favorite), and is made with just three simple ingredients: vodka, carbonated water, and just a touch of natural flavor. Super simple, super delicious.

Get a 4-pack here for $11.99.

Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye

(Photo: Hochstadter’s)

Most canned cocktails are made with some form of vodka, tequila, or other clear liquor, so it’s my honor to introduce some rye whiskey to this list in the form of an impressively high ABV canned concoction.

Slow & Low is a stiff and flavorful combination of 84 proof straight rye whiskey, raw honey, navel oranges, and angostura bitters that make for one heavy-handed cocktail that’s sure to be a big hit at cookouts, bonfires, or wherever else floats your boat.

And FYI — one 100ml can is equivalent to a double old fashioned, so drink responsibly. Trust me when I say the contents of this tiny little can will smack you harder than you’d expect.

Get a 750ml bottle and 4-can bundle here for $52.99.

Volley Tropical Mango Spiked Seltzer

(Photo: Volley)

Again with the whole spiked seltzer situation…but get this: Volley’s bubbly elixir is actually sparkling tequila, which I really appreciate. Oh, and it’s totally organic, if that matters to you.

While containing no added sugars, this tasty beverage has a little bit of tropical sweetness since it combines organic mango puree with a dash of organic lime juice, carbonated water, and 100% blue agave tequila.

Get a 4-pack here for $14.99.

Elenita Mezcal Cocktail

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If you love mezcal, this is the cocktail for you. California-based company Elenita has two flavors of this artisanal sparkling agave creation: cucumber-lime-basil, and a spicy pineapple-jalapeño. If you ask me, the latter is one of the best canned cocktails I’ve tried in my lengthy taste-test. It honestly tastes like it was freshly made.

Get an 8-pack here for $35.99.

Rogue Spirits Cucumber Lime Gin Fizz

(Photo: Rogue/Drizly)

Made with just a few simple ingredients, this crisp cocktail is crafted with Rogue Spirits Farmhouse Gin, cucumber, lime, raw cane sugar, and sparkling water. Just chill it or pour over ice for a perfectly refreshing cocktail that’ll get you buzzin’ any time of the day.

Get a 4-pack on Drizly for $14.99, or find it near you right here.

Onda Sparkling Tequila

(Photo: Onda)

Actress Shay Mitchell has been busy lately with a new business venture in the form of a new canned tequila cocktail company called Onda. The drink comes in two flavors: Lime margarita and grapefruit paloma, made with specially crafted tequila, sparkling water, and fruit juice. “The flavors were inspired by two classic drinks,” Mitchell told PEOPLE.

For me, this was is a lighthearted cocktail that I’d enjoy day-drinking at the beach or at a house party. And FWIW, it took about three of these for me to get a good buzz going.

Get an 8-pack here for $31.99.

Novo Fogo Sparkling Caipirinha Lime

(Photo: Novo Fogo)

Brazil’s national cocktail, now in a can. The Novo Fogo website describe’s this cocktail’s flavor profile as “a delicious, perfectly funky caipirinha in a can” with notes of key lime, apricot, grilled fruits and vegetables, coconut, lychee, and guanabana. Delish.

Plus, it was awarded a Platinum Medal by Chicago’s Beverage Tasting Institute, so you already know it’s going to be amazing.

Get a 4-pack here for $19.99.

Kin Spritz

(Photp: Kin Euphorics)

Are you on a sober kick? That’s cool! Good for you. Luckily, there’s a mood-lifting non-alcoholic cocktail on the market for you. The Kin Spritz is an interesting drink that’s meant to give you a giddy, buzzy feeling thanks to adaptogens like Rhodiola to balance cortisol, botanicals like hibiscus, and mood-boosting nootropics including GABA, Caffeine, and 5-HTP.

But just like alcohol, be careful not to drink too much. The product description recommends having no more than four cans in a 24-hour period.

Disclaimer: I honestly didn’t feel much of anything when I had one of these, but maybe that’s because I have a pretty high tolerance for just about anything.

Get a 16-pack here for $79.99.

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