This is the Perfect Margarita for Your Personality Type

Some drink menus are better than others, and the JW Marriott Cancun’s insane selection of 150 different margaritas is obviously one of the best.

The boozy concoctions are served up in the lobby bar and range from the classic bare-bones margarita to interesting and eclectic fusions that technically don’t even classify as margaritas anymore.

The menu is divided up into four categories: Classic, Fusion, Modern, and Exotic, with creative cocktails like the Fresh Melon Rita that’s made with Don Ramon Reposado, honeydew melon juice, Grand Marnier, Lemon juice, and Simple syrup, and the Limoncello Margarita that’s made with Tequila Muestra #8 Plata, Limoncello liqueur, Lemon juice, Grand Marnier, and Simple syrup.

The best part of the menu is that each of the 150 margaritas is made with a different type of tequila and the cocktails come with a little dropper of the tequila so you can taste it on its own, which is pretty cool.

What have you been drinking these past few months? Something sweet? Something sour? Have you been on a health kick with green juices? Well, no matter what you’ve been knocking back, JW Marriott Cancun has the perfect margarita for your personality.

For the health nut: “Green Juice”

Why: If the name sounds healthy, the alcohol doesn’t count, right? Lapis reposado gets an upgrade with epazote branch, avocado (yes, you read that right), agave, Grand Marinier and lime. The freshest margarita on the block. 

For the luxury lover: “Margorie King”

Why: Don Julio Añejo, star fruit, lychee and strawberry combine for this ultra-luxe margarita fit for royalty. 

For the fierce friend: “Jellylicious Margarita”

Why: Reposado, red hot chili, jelly cubes, and lemon for your friend who is over-the-top and always brings their A-game

For the romantic: “La Vie A’ Rouge”

Why: Blanco tequila and red wine effortless combine in this margarita that will have you dreaming of long walks on the beach and sunset moments

For the bookworm: “Margarita Midnight”

Why: Be transported straight to your favorite reading nook in the coffee shop with this combination of patron, Illy espresso, frangelico and coffee beans. (You didn’t want to sleep, did you?)

For the smooth operator: “Mr. Hipnotic”

Why: For the person who always knows just the right thing to say, who’s never fazed and charms the room, the Mr. Hopnotic serves effortless class with Jose Cuervo 1800 Añejo, Hipnotic, Grand Marnier, lemon, and Anisette liquor. 

For the plant parent: “Rose Mago”

Why: Ok, so your apartment’s greenery has expanded since March, but you needed the extra ferns and succulents! The Rose Mago is for you. With rosemary, mint, basil, and Grand Marnier, you’ll feel right at (plant-filled) home.

For the kid at heart: “Marshmallow Margarita”

Why: Irish coffee and Keoke coffee can step aside, their fun-loving aunt is here to play. The Marshmallo Margarita brings Maestro Blanco, marshmallow syrup, whipped cream and Baily’s for the most fun you’ve had sipping on a drink since you stuck a candy cane in your hot chocolate for the first time. 

For the trendsetter: “Fire Scorpion”

Why: Mexico’s worst-kept secret, watermelon and tajin is a snacktime staple. The Fire Scorpion takes that to the next level and earns its title as the hottest drink around with Muestra #8 Añejo, watermelon cubes, Contreau, lemon and tajin chili powder.

For the avant garde friend: “Pinespice Rita”

Why: For the person that marches to the beat of their own drum and is always looking to the future, JWMC presents the Pinespice Rita. Macerated pineapple, black pepper powder, mezcal and reposado come together for a drink as unique as you. 

For the sports fan: “Cheve-Rita”

Why: The feeling of cracking open a cold one before the big game meets beach vacation with the Ceve-Rita. Dark beer, Tesoro de Don Felipe Añejo, Contreau and lime make for a delightful drink that just might carry you through half-time. 

For the comedian: “Fresh Melon Rita”

Why: For the person who just wants to put a smile on everyone’s face and brighten their days, a margarita that is as light and delightful as you. Honey dew melon juice, Don Ramon Reposado, lemon and Grand Marnier are sure to bring good cheer.

For the epicurean: “Margarita Al Pastor”

Why: For a special taste of Mexico, the Margarita al Pastor combines coriander, pineapple, axiote (sweet and peppery), lime and Herradura. The culinary fiend will love the unique blend of local flavors.

For the flower child: “Mamacita Margarita”

Why: For the person who just can’t help but stop and smell the roses, the Mamacita Margarita is for you. Sink into the garden of Patron, rose petals, Grand Marnier, lemon and rose syrup and enjoy the views. 

For the beach bum: “Cooler Rita”

Why: Cool off with mango cubes, strawberry Caribbean cooler, blanco tequila, Grand Marinier and lemon. A delightful concoction you can sip all day in the sand. The Cooler Rita will be your new favorite summer (or summer-evoking) sip. 

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