Pope Francis’ Official Instagram Account Just Blessed Bikini Model’s Steamy Post With a Like

The Vatican is turning up the heat, gentlemen, because Pope Francis was just caught double tapping one of model Natalia Garibotto’s eye-popping Instagram pics.

Well, we actually don’t know if it was the Pope himself (doubtful) one of his trusted staff members being horny, or a useless intern who thought it’d be funny to like a picture of a scantily clad Insta-hottie from the Pope’s official Instagram account.

But no matter whoever did it, the world noticed. And it is hilarious. Once word got out that the Pope was having a moment over Bombshell Garibotto’s sexy schoolgirl picture, she tweeted: “At least I’m going to heaven.” Amen, girl.

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Genevieve Ava – Beach Bikini

She also told Barstool Sports: “My mum may hate my ass pics but the Pope be double-tapping.”

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