The Hottest Recent Photos Of Yanet Garcia, AKA the ‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’

Her bio reads “The Mexican Weather Girl,” but most will know Yanet Garcia as the “World’s Sexiest Weather Girl.”

The origins of the superlatively risque title date back to around 2015. Back then, Yanet Garcia’s Instagram following tallied in the hundreds of thousands, and redditors were posting screengrabs from her newscasts like crazy to the now-defunct r/yanetgarcia, making it the fastest-growing subreddit at the time.

To give you an idea of Garcia’s virality, look at her featurette by Ozzy Man Reviews. The YouTube Channel featuring witty commentary of the saucy Aussie variety was a year old when it dropped its glance at Garcia’s broadcasts.

Ozzy Man Reviews is now in the upper echelon of popular YouTube content creators, with over 5 million subscribers. The channel’s most popular video? That original “Ozzy Man Reviews: Yanet Garcia & Mexican Weather,” which has been watched an astounding 48 million times. And Ozzy Man’s second most popular vid—a breakdown of a particularly entrancing gymnastics routine—is nowhere close at 25 million views.

Garcia’s growing has of course grown substantially, too. With over 14.5 million followers and another million on TikTok, the impossibly curvaceous broadcaster could make a living off social media alone. Indeed, she reportedly quit presenting the weather for Mexican TV Station Televisa Monterey back in 2019. In addition to focusing on growing her online presence, Garcia also started pursuing a career as a personal trainer, per Mel Magazine.

But even if Garcia does remove “weather girl” from her bio, her legacy will live on in the viral videos of yonder and comments sections of her steamiest posts. From lingerie pics to bikini-clad snaps and backside shots, see the hottest recent photos of Yanet Garcia, aka the “world’s sexiest weather girl,” below:

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