The Best Front Pocket Wallets to Buy Right Now

We’re all about the idea of approaching your daily ensemble like a checklist, making sure you’re covered with the details big and small, right down to one of the best front pocket wallets. Yes, that’s right: Even your wallet should be highly stylish and supremely well-crafted, all the better to ensure every single component of your daily carry is accounted for in the right way. No one likes fumbling around with cards and cash, and no one likes an overly bulky wallet that disrupts the clean lines of a sleek pair of trousers or a durable pair of jeans.

The idea behind a front pocket wallet is simple. Cut down what you’re carrying, making it all the easier to access your essentials with just a few easy steps.

There are all sorts of the best wallets out there, including the best metal wallets, each of which has been designed with functionality and clean, crisp design top of mind. Remember, no cutting corners here, even with small accessories. And the best front pocket wallets take that design innovation a step further, using tough materials and a streamlined approach that results in a wallet you can easily carry with any ensemble.

The idea behind a front pocket wallet is simple. Cut down what you’re carrying, making it all the easier to access your essentials with just a few easy steps. Most front pocket wallets are made to deploy cards and cash with ease, so you needn’t worry about hauling around what you might call the dreaded, heavily stuffed “Costanza Wallet” of sorts. It’s a relatively recent innovation in the world of everyday carry essentials — after all, most guys typically carry their wallet in their back pocket, per a sort of unspoken tradition, right?

But the front pocket wallet shifts things to, well, the front, offering you the chance to snag your wallet at a moment’s notice. Another benefit? By carrying a front pocket wallet, you’re able to sit more comfortably (to say the least: Studies have shown sitting on a wallet in your back pocket can lead to spine and back problems over time). So, there are nearly innumerable benefits to carrying around a front pocket wallet.

Whether on adventures in the field, jet-setting journeys or a crosstown commute, we think you should take each and every chance you get to shed extra baggage, literally and figuratively. In much the same way you might look to slim down your messenger bag or to shed the extra pounds that come with a heavy weekender or briefcase, approach your everyday carry (or “EDC”) the same way, and you won’t miss all that extra gear you used to lug around.

The best front pocket wallets are also made with tougher materials than a traditional wallet, too. While most standard wallets tend to be made with leather (perhaps with rivets added for a more durable design), some front pocket wallets — as you’ll find out — are made with tough-as-nails designs incorporating titanium and more. That’s a great thing if you tend to use your everyday carry essentials a bit more than usual, or in more extreme conditions, like out in the elements or on globetrotting journeys.

Picking up one of the best front pocket wallets is but a simple move in the short run that’ll pay off in the long run, because you can use your front pocket wallet day after day after day. This is a far cry from a leather wallet that might wear down, tear or fray. Think of it like the difference between wearing a leather watch and a stainless steel watch. Sure, the best leather watches will age and break in handsomely, but for a variety of pursuits on land and at sea, a stainless steel watch is the way to go. It’s the same way with a hard-wearing, easy-to-use and well-made front pocket wallet crafted from, say, standout titanium or another similar material.

But, how do you ensure the front pocket wallet you’re adding to your EDC rotation is the right one? Well, allow us to offer up a trio of tips for your next shopping quest.

How to Find the Best Front Pocket Wallet for You

  • Know your materials: Front pocket wallets come in a variety of materials and sizes. While virtually every traditional wallet, if you want to call it that, is made of handsome leather, some front pocket wallets are streamlined and made from razor-thin metals like titanium, occasionally accented with a Velcro strap or other mixed-media materials. That being said, there are front pocket wallets that function more like card cases and are made out of the aforementioned, richly crafted leather. The key is finding which one might suit your ensembles and your daily life.
  • Know when to bring one with you: Sure, you could certainly bring one of the best front pocket wallets with you each and every day, in every situation. But sometimes, the situation might require more nuance. Leather wallets are best suited for bringing with you when the situation is slightly dressier, but a front pocket wallet can function readily in that same situation: It’s ultimately a matter of preference, but keep in mind that a front pocket wallet might look funny when brought to a black tie event, given that the situation is so formal. That being said, for the rest of your daily pursuits, including a crazed morning commute, beers at the bar or a road trip out of town, a front pocket wallet is going to provide the versatility and functionality you need.
  • Know when to spend and when to save: If you want to save a few bucks by skimping on your wallet, well, let’s go right ahead and urge you to spend just a bit more from time to time. The best front pocket wallets are quite literally going to give you some serious bang for your buck, whereas if you don’t shell out the proper cash needed to get a rugged wallet, you might be left with an inferior addition to your everyday carry. Just think of the cheap leather wallets shelled out by fast fashion retailers in the checkout line: That’s what awaits you if you don’t invest the proper time and research into picking up a durable wallet. That’s where we come in, of course.

So, you’ve got the building blocks of a roadmap for finding one of the best front pocket wallets. Those three crucial tips are going to serve you well. But we’ll go a step further and introduce you to some of our favorite wallets of the moment, to take the guesswork out of shopping for critical additions to your EDC. Here we go.

The Best Front Pocket Wallets to Buy Now

Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet

Ekster Vachetta Parliament Wallet

Remember what we said about front pocket wallets coming all forms in terms of materials and design, including some that even incorporate more traditional leather touches? Well, this is one of the very best as far as checking all the right boxes is concerned, blending the rich look and feel of Vachetta leather with quick card access and RFID blocking technology. If you want to invest in a go-anywhere wallet that merges modern technology with an old-school look and feel, this is your best bet. Plus, Ekster makes some of our favorite slim wallets of any brand on the market, so you know they’ll deliver the goods.

Trayvax Element Wallet

Trayvax Element Wallet

It’s like we said earlier: Some traditional wallets tend to rely mainly on leather craftsmanship, and some front pocket wallets mainly rely on more advanced materials like titanium. And others still seamlessly blend the two, like the Trayvax Element Wallet. Trayvax is absolutely a brand we appreciate when it comes to crafting the best everyday carry essentials, and the Element Wallet, one of its flagship products, is a standout example of how it’s all brought together in one minimal package. We love the top-grain leather and the hard-wearing stainless steel frame, and we think you’ll feel the same way.

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Cash Plate

The Ridge Aluminum Wallet + Cash Plate

Believe it or not, front pocket wallets haven’t always been top of mind as far as wallet and everyday carry trends are concerned. The Ridge has been changing that over the past handful of years, and then some, with smartly designed and perfectly rugged, minimal wallets that fit easily into your front pocket. That’s the case whether you’re wearing hard-working canvas workwear pants or slim blue jeans, but this take on the wallet and money clip combo just pairs up nicely with either option. Hold up to 12 cards and some crucial cash, and rest easy knowing this wallet is as tough and hard-wearing as your favorite gear.

Pioneer Carry Molecule Cardholder

Pioneer Carry Molecule Cardholder

One of the major benefits of adding a front pocket wallet to your everyday carry? It’s instantly going to narrow down your daily haul and make your decision-making processes that much easier. Choose only the cards and essentials you need on your person immediately, and then feel safe about zipping around town, given how well-designed this front pocket wallet happens to be. In fact, it’s made from remarkable “UHMW polyethylene that’s 10 times stronger than steel,” according to the brand. We can’t emphasize enough that this is easily one of the best front pocket wallets you can buy now.

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