Make Working From Home Comfy With the Best Laptop Stands for Bed

Work from home is the modern world’s new formula–best to get suited up and settled in. When you take the relaxed route to your workday and choose to spend it in bed, using the right laptop stand for bed makes a world of difference. Not only does it protect your posture, the best laptop stand for your distinct setup will also maximize your gear’s lifespan. Working from home, in its many forms, offers the unbeatable benefits of privacy and flexibility. Whether you’re permanently participating in professional life from your apartment or just catching up on assignments over the weekend, building a tailored setup for your purposes will make your remote days just as productive as your time spent in-office. We hope. 

When it comes to comfort, consider the stand height and angle for the device to be presented. Preventing neck pain starts with fixing a comfortable, natural gaze.

And who’s to say that ‘bed’ is just one place? Sometimes work takes us on the road, variants withstanding, and ‘bed’ can be a motel room or airport bench alike. Different routines and preferences are suited to unique product specs, so we’ve done our best to accommodate a variety of lifestyles in our list below. Some traits, however, require consideration across the board once you start shopping. Give these some thought, then dive right in!

How to Find the Best Laptop Stand for Bed


Most importantly, consult the product specs of your prospective laptop stand for bed to ensure it offers ample room for your machine’s specific dimensions. Depending on your available space and personal taste, you may want a snug fit for the computer on your laptop stand, or you may want ample space for other office supplies, like notebooks. 

Stand Style

Next, notice that not all laptop stands will stand the same. There’s different styles. Working from bed requires more stability for your laptop than stands being attached to, say, a desk. Popular laptop stand styles include trays, tables, and lap desks. Each possesses its own matrix of structure, portability, and versatility. This is ultimately a matter of practicality and personal preference.

Screen Angle

When it comes to comfort, consider the stand height and angle for the device to be presented. Preventing neck pain starts with fixing a comfortable, natural gaze. Height makes the foundation–to the best of your routine’s ability, the best laptop stand for bed and beyond should bring your computer to eye level. Angle also helps–and some laptop stands allow adjustability so you can shift the angle to suit your environs. 


This consideration applies from several angles. Durability matters, of course, as does weight and sustainability and even stylistic sheen. Metals like aluminum are both lightweight and durable, but wood is warmer and better suited to weekends catching up on emails on the couch. 

Additional Storage

Don’t limit yourself in the search for your new laptop stand for bed! There’s tons of options across the market, with all kinds of extensions. We’ve included a few, like self-cooling laptop stands and built-in breakfast tables for working in bed. Tailor to your distinct desires. 


Laptop stands are a surprisingly substantial investment–typically about $100. However, tweaks in one direction or the other can drive price tags up and down in your search for a laptop stand for working in bed. Fortunately, options exist as reasonable as $20, so there’s a wide range to be run. Always better to invest in something for the long term.


Last but not least, allow yourself to indulge your aesthetic sensibilities while purchasing a laptop stand for bed–especially if this will be a piece that lives in your home exclusively. It’s an excellent privilege of modernity to earn a living from the comfort of bed–honor that by creating an atmosphere amenable to all your senses–not just practicality! Godspeed in your endeavors. 

Check Out These Top-Rated Laptop Stands for Bed

Favorite Laptop Stand for Bed: Cooper Mega Table XXL Folding Table Stand

Cooper Mega Table XXL Folding Table Stand

This laptop stand for bed by Cooper Cases could be crowned king of the web, with nearly 1500 reviews and an average near five stars. No wonder–their laptop table incorporates efficient space for everything from a computer and tablet to notebook and even coffee cup. Still, size creates no limits here–Cooper’s laptop stand for bed folds up easily for seamless storage and transport with no assembly required. Armed with a handy carrying strap, this gear only weighs 6 pounds! You might find yourself using this laptop stand for bed even outside your working hours. Aluminum alloy and three year warranty promise it’ll deliver through adventures and weekends in alike. 

Favorite Lap Desk: Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

On the other end of the spectrum, lap desks add extra stability to your work-from-bed routine without requiring table legs to stand on. Most lap desks for working anywhere follow the same straightforward model–surface on top, and microfiber cushion on the bottom. Sofi + Sam pull out all the stops to create lap desks with extreme luxury and professionalism. If you’re looking to enjoy the easy portability of a lapdesk in your work life, their multitasking memory foam lap desk offers all the unmissable benefits from an optional, pull-out phone stand to a wrist rest and memory foam cushion. Discomfort should never interrupt your flow state, even while working at an unorthodox setup! 

Best Budget: Mind Reader Adjustable 8-Position Lap Top Desk

Mind Reader Adjustable 8-Position Lap Top Desk

Pack the most punch available at a minor price tag through this budget lap desk by Mind Reader. With just a few simple motions, they’ve crafted one of the most intuitive laptop stands for bed. Their adjustable 8-Position Laptop Desk fits computers, tablets, and even heavy books–keeping you hands free no matter the task. Armed with eight different positions and an easy change-and-lock system for switching between means you can adjust the display angle to save your neck in any position. For a shocking price below $20, this laptop stand for bed even includes dual bolster padding to keep your tech from overheating, along with cushions beneath to keep you comfortable through all eight positions. 

Minimalist: Wooden Foldable Laptop Stand by FalkelDesign

Wooden Foldable Laptop Stand by FalkelDesign

With great simplicity comes great versatility, some scholars might say. Such is certainly the motto with this clean laptop stand for bed and beyond by FalkelDesign. Their beautiful and intuitive foldable laptop table comes handcrafted from real wood coated with natural teak oil for a measure of water-repellency and increased durability. Built with smooth, curved edges, natural handles for carrying, and joints for folding, this spacious laptop table stores easily and promises to withstand the elements. It even includes air vents to keep your laptop from overheating, and an extra slot to hold your phone upright. 

Self-Cooling: Aluratek Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Table with Fan 

Aluratek Adjustable Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Table with Fan 

Before making a decision, gamers and ultra-productive employees alike should seek a laptop stand for bed in the ilk of this high-tech gear from Aluratek, equipped with a built-in fan to keep your tech cool even when you’re running on overdrive. Their lightweight and practical laptop stand doesn’t just include ample space for all your office materials, it also includes a USB powered fan on its work surface “that provides your laptop with a constant stream of cool air and helps to prevent overheating.” Priced at just under $40 and weighing just over 2lbs, this piece is easy-breezy to acquire and transport wherever you need to work. 

Most Refined: Winsome Flip Top Lap Desk With Drawer and Foldable Legs

Winsome Flip Top Lap Desk With Drawer and Foldable Legs

Your home office can go toe-to-toe the coveted prestige of a corner office done entirely in mahogany with this ultra-refined Winsome Flip Top Lap Desk. Built from antique walnut wood, this multifaceted laptop stand for bed includes an adjustable, angled surface for your tech, along with a stationary surface and super convenient pull-out drawer. It might look like luxury, but Staples makes this stunning piece accessible to all shoppers at an unbeatable rate. Take it from this review: “Very simple design but very attractive and utilitarian… It’s not too heavy and fits my lap handily. A super product and fine customer service.” With this one, you can take your power place wherever you go. 

Most Ergonomic: LapGear Ergo Pro Adjustable Lap Desk

LapGear Ergo Pro Adjustable Lap Desk

If you’re looking for the most practical laptop stand for bed possible, then keep your eyes peeled for buzzwords like “ergonomic,” which means “designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.” That’s efficiency for your tech, but also efficiently for you–ergonomic gear optimizes results for both man and machine. When it comes to laptop stands for bed, no one beats LapGear, undeniably one of the most-loved and most successful product designers in this little niche of the marketplace. Their Ergo Pro Adjustable Lap Desk makes a fully-outfitted office wherever you go. Building on a foundation of super sturdy and comfortable cushion, this gear also includes “20 adjustament positions designed to help reduce neck strain” along with “a built-in mouse pad and stylus slot” with space to accommodate up to a 15” laptop. No one has you more perfectly positioned than LapGear.

Best for Traveling: The Lap Desk 19” by Arlo Skye

The Lap Desk 19” by Arlo Skye

Now we know “bed” is more than just a piece of furniture in your department. Depending on your career and lifestyle, “bed” can be any array of unexpected surfaces. Arlo Skye crafts perhaps the best (and sleekest!) laptop stand for be with their 19” Lap Desk. “Meet the perfect portable workspace,” the product description boldly opens–but they’re onto something. Arlo Skye has built this desk’s 19” work surface from premium, veneered white oak. They’ve included a built-in storage tray (typically reserved for tables) along with an integrated phone and tablet dock with fuss-free cable management, and an angled stand for hands-free reading. At just 4lbs to carry, this impeccable laptop stand for bed has heavy weight ambitions with featherweight specs. Perfect for resting your head on the road or at home alike, wherever the next bed may be. 

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