Work From Home Clothing Essentials Every Man Should Own

We’ve all been working from home for what feels like an eternity, and if you’re anything like me you’ve been more than tempted to let yourself go and sit around in old stained pajamas all day and only look (semi) presentable for important Zoom meetings.

If you’ve resisted the urge to give up and look like shit, congratulations! I applaud you. Looking like shit will only make you feel like shit, so kudos for pulling yourself together to WFH.

Anyway, to keep yourself feeling fresh and handsome and productive and all of those good things, treat yourself to these comfortable work from home wardrobe essentials that’ll keep you looking and feeling like a true professional for as long as this WFH season exists.

N. Peal 007 Ribbed Army Sweater

(Photo: N. Peal)

The handsome and tastefully clothed James Bond wears this very sweater in No Time to Die, and now you, too, can wear it while updating spreadsheets from your couch on your laptop.
Get it here for $465.

Uniqlo Washed Jersey Relax Ankle Pants

(Photo: Uniqlo)

The humble sweatpant, reimagined by a designer to actually be flattering.
Get it here for $19.90.

Mack Weldon Dryknit Rugby

(Photo: Mack Weldon)

Rugby shirts are flattering on anyone, but perhaps even more importantly, they look dressy while keeping you comfy while you WFH.
Get it here for $78.

Vineyard Vines Saltwater Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

(Photo: Bloomingdales/Vineyard Vines)

You can’t go wrong with this work from home essential: The classic quarter zip sweater. Plus, it’ll look great on Zoom calls. Relaxed yet professional!
Get it here for $68.95.

UGG Ascot Leather Slippers

(Photo: Bloomingdales/UGG)

Because your feet deserve to be as comfortable as the rest of you, treat them to these cozy slippers that have warm shearling on the inside and creamy leather on the outside.
Get it here for $120.

Everlane Cotton Crew Tee

(Photo: Everlane)

A clean, crisp cotton tee is a wardrobe staple that you absolutely need to own during this work from home season (and after!). There are no excuses for not having a couple of the most useful and versatile article of clothing known to man, my dude.
Get it here for $18, or 2 for $24.

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