Meet Keilah Kang, a Must-Follow Instagram Influencer

Keilah Kang was quite recently awarded the incredibly lofty “hottest girl on the planet” title by Barstool Sports blogger Malcolm Smutler. OK, Malcolm.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating beauty, even in a piece of razor-thinly veiled clickbait. There’s a reason that the Instagram influencer has amassed 2.6 million followers, and it likely has little to do with her having a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science.

Her unreal-looking proportions are indeed “100% natural,” according to her IG bio. And her feed is refreshingly tame. Instead of encroaching on Instagram’s notoriously restrictive guidelines with thirst traps, Kang often models full outfits that inclined followers might be interested in buying. She’s recently donned looks from Fitjeans, Revolve, Yoins, and Superdown. All of them being the type of thing most would be comfortable wearing to dinner with the ‘rents.

Kang also mixes in the occasional plunging top, fitted bikini and one-piece. It’s nothing that could be considered vulgar by anyone who’s seen an underwear ad on TV. And while many popularity-seeking IG users will keep their relationship status under wraps, Kang proudly proclaims up top that she’s been married to her husband for nine years. Get mad, incels.

There’s a reason we’re calling out with Barstool’s superlative use of “hottest girl.” The blog has already bestowed the honor on Teyana Taylor and Emily Elizabeth, among others. You won’t see such inconsistency at Jacob Graye.

Check out a few of Kang’s recent IG highlights below:

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