Lindsey Pelas’ 15 Sexiest Selfies

Former Playboy model and social media bombshell Lindsey Pelas is a master of the sexy selfie—here are 15 pics that prove it. The Louisiana-bred bombshell parlayed early Playboy model success as the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month in May of 2014 into full-fledged multi-faceted career.

While she’s best known as an purveyor of thirst traps and heartrate-raising content, she also produces and hosts her own podcast Eyes Up Here. There, she chats candidly about industry issues with celebrity guests like Bert Kreischer, Kate Quigley, Carrie Minter and CJ Sparxx.

Lindsey Pelas’ Hottest Twitter Takes and Photos

Pelas is one of many models who rose to prominence on Instagram by offering the type of content that made men’s magazines like Maxim and SI Swim successful in the 1990 and early 2000s. Fans can peruse her thirst trap-filled feed without viewing or purchasing anything patently pornographic.

Pelas Calls Out Instagram’s Hypocrisy

While the photo and video-sharing platform has always employed nudity-barring community guidelines, the ‘gram’s mods have recently started to dish out punitive measures. Blocks, shadow bans and even account deactivations are becoming commonplace, even when rules haven’t been obviously breached.

You may think that because Lindsey Pelas has amassed 8.4 million Instagram followers, she’d be immune to these punishments. But it’s actually one of the many topics the buxom beauty has poignantly sounded off on.

Pelas began by retweeting a statement from fellow bombshell Laura Lux. “Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that onlyfans themselves can have an instagram account but if i say the word onlyfans in an instagram caption the pic gets deleted for violating terms lmao.”

What followed was a series of cutting tweets on the topic, one of which accused Instagram of allowing male-run companies to post images of women. Meanwhile, mods remove similar images of female content creators who are simply posting photos of themselves. The hypocrisy is obvious.

Pelas added, “It’s almost as if content was never offensive but women gaining financial freedom was. #FuckDigitalMisogny.”

Pelas even claimed to have seen people share posts from the Playboy posts, only to have their own posts taken down.

“Imagine watching dude-owned companies posting bodies of women but women can’t post their own same bodies,” Pelas tweeted. “I’ve actually seen people REPOST playboys own posts and their taken down lmfao. Elitist, sexist and boring.”

Why Lindsey Pelas Is on OnlyFans

Instagram seemingly allows companies to post racy images of women. But female users are forbidden from posting similar images of themselves. The regulations have pushed many creators to OnlyFans, where even hardcore pornographic content can be peddled under a subscription-based model.

Lindsey Pelas herself has an OnlyFans. The genetically gifted model posts behind-the-scenes content, further flaunts her gorgeous figure, and communicates with fans. But she recently tweeted an OnlyFans-related critique. Not of the site itself, but of other creators attempting to poach paid subscribers in Twitter replies.

“Also only fans girls, I love you, but don’t come twitter hunt for customers in my tweets,” she wrote. “You didn’t withstand years of trolls and topics or do anything bold on here so I’ll block you. Tweet something insightful and I’ll share you for free.”

Lindsey Pelas on Abortion and Women’s Rights

Pelas doesn’t just comment on personal matters, but red-button political topics like women’s reproductive rights. The legality of abortion is a particularly active point discourse in the United States right now. Texas recently passed what’s known as Senate Bill 8. It prohibits most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and makes no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from incest or rape. The New York Times reports that Senate Bill 8 effectively deputizes citizens, allowing them to sue clinics who violate the law for a $10,000 reward.

As news of the passing of America’s most restrictive abortion law began making the rounds, Pelas logged on to Twitter to rattle off her thoughts.

“Prayers to the women of Texas! Obviously many domestic abusers will use these new misogynistic laws to impregnate you and frame you/ scam you in many ways. Another free ticket to torment town. So sorry.”

Some of Pelas’ boldest recent remarks related to Senate Bill 8. “Some of those that bang gavels are the same that beat their wives,” she tweeted.

A couple of followers shared Pelas’ views. “As a father of a 15 year old young lady, the path that this country is currently on scares the shit out of me,” She responded, “I would imagine. I can tell you as a grown independent relatively nice lady who’s taken care of herself- it’s RIGGED.”

Another claimed that pregnant women are murdered at a much higher rate than non-pregnant women. While not a fact, studies have suggested that pregnancy times are connected to an increased risk for homicide. Pelas retweeted the claim onto her feed with the comment, “This part.”

Lindsey Pelas’ Thoughts on Gun Control

After 21-year-old gunman Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa opened fire with a Ruger 556 at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, Pelas took to Twitter to rattle off criticize the ease with which American citizens can acquire firearms.

“Establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility….promote the general welfare-> imo getting gunned down at Walmart is a direct NO NO to these lines,” she tweeted.

“If the government won’t do anything for stricter gun laws maybe businesses need a ranking or a safety score. ‘How likely am I to get shot will buying stuff here?’ And then it could incentivize security measures and safety (very imperfect idea I know but an idea nonetheless).”

According to CNN, Alissa killed 10 people, including a Boulder police officer. He’s been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and one charge of attempted murder, according to his arrest warrant. Despite the event’s tragic nature, Pelas brought a little levity to the situation with clever metaphor.

“I’m actually more of a committed relationship kinda girl so me and America are solid,” she tweeted. Even tho he can be a dick and embarrassing, I made a vow and investment or two. I’m not constantly thinking about going to war and breaking up lmfao.”

Lindsey Pelas on Abusive Relationships

Speaking of relationships, the topic of abusive partners has also been addressed by Peals on Twitter. She briefly described what she sees as a growing form of “sex addiction” as “abusing women addiction.” This is presumably not a form of criminal domestic abuse necessarily, but can be physical, verbal and/or emotional.

“Control over the opposite sex and sex are two different things and these dickwads will marry the two to dehumanize the victims they hurt (once again).” she wrote.

When someone suggested merely leaving an abusive partner, she fired back with, “My last abusive relationship took my hand and bent it backward to the point of breaking unless I forgave him. Would you want your hand to be altered for the rest of your life or would you say okay to bypass that? Lmk. All I could think about was all the things I needed my hand for.”

Naturally, a bunch of men flooded her comments with unsolicited advice. She continued, “Leaving abusers is such a hilarious idea. They don’t respect boundaries. They keep showing up, they steal your phone, your keys, your child, your dog, your money. And believe it or not, you can tell 10 people you love and most wont help you. 🙂 it’s on you to leave. Lol.”

Pelas did eventually get away from the unsavory situation before sharing some sage thoughts from her therapist.

“I could choose between happiness or being tied to the pain and story for longer. I chose to be happy. The idea of being abused again by a system that would inevitably slut shame me, dehumanize me and statistically not work in my favor sounded awful.”

What Happened to Chivalry?

Pelas fully embraces a concept that leftists feminists (and male leftists who use feminist talking points as a way to connect with women, but would otherwise be dorky incels) historically rejects: chivalry.

Though she didn’t specifically mention that word, she did mildly condone the terms. “Simping, “such as openly complimenting thirst traps; “friendzoning,” ore relegating a courting man to a “friends-only” status; and “White Knighting,” or rushing to defend a woman’s perspective as a man.

“It feels like everywhere you turn ppl hate women. I know that sounds dark but when it comes to hating women it’s the one category people are actually proud to be a part of,” she alleged. “Simping, Friendzoning, White Knighting. People get shamed for even being nice to women lol.” The implication presumably being that men shouldn’t be immediately chastised for simping, white knighting or getting friendzoned.

I’ll elaborate further on her behalf. If a man is involved in any three of those things and then proceeds to do something creepy, like jump in the DMs and ask for a date (or something more suggestive), his douchey intentions are revealed and he should be absolutely humiliated publicly. Weak shit, bro. Work out, read a book, and develop a personality.

On Women’s Treatment by Male-Run Media

Pivoting back to a topic that’s evidently close to Pelas’ heart, she recently criticized the treatment of celebrity socialite, entrepreneur and Hilton hotel heiress Paris Hilton during an interview recorded in 2011.

“Thank you #ParisSlaysUrFav for your kind, caring words & for posting this video. Watching this makes me so angry and disgusted. Pouting face This is the type of rude, chauvinistic behavior that myself and so many other women have had to deal with and put up with for years.”

The clip in question features Hilton speaking with a DJ who asks, “What’s it like to be so completely rich?” When Hilton responds, “I’ve worked for everything I’ve achieved,” the host cuts her off with, “Stop. Stop Stop. Worked in what way?”

“Well I run 17 different product lines, I’ve created my entire business out of it.”

“Well, now.” the host follows up. “What was your first job?”

“A model,” Hilton says, to which the host responds, “Well, OK. That makes sense.”

Pelas retweeted the clip with more slicing commentary.

“The full video of this on her instagram is sick. I’ve been here before this is a sick, gross yucky horrible feeling. So sorry for all the women who’ve been talked to like dogs while being used for clout by less successful men. It’s a joke.”

“Last weird chauvinistic radio show thing I did some guy talked about fucking me, to my face, with two other clowns on zoom. So what did I do? Yawned we talked about his upcoming comedy special. Lmfao.”

Whether it’s for the sexy pics or the hot takes, we’re always down for a little more Lindsey.

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