Look Cool in the Kitchen With the Best Aprons for Men to Buy Now

Whether applying the finest ginger miso glaze or painting thick brushstrokes of rich barbeque sauce, cooking done correctly is a messy affair. Only a proper kitchen apron can adequately shield you from the splash zone. While these useful culinary tools are often thought of for their clothes-saving benefits, aprons for men suit offer an advanced array of features that enhance both safety and productivity. An apron, in general, presents a great way to get into the zone, whether meal prepping or entertaining a party. 

Of course it might be silly that there are aprons for men, considering an apron is a garment that could benefit anyone, but the sizing dimensions are slightly different, tailored to the differing average body shapes. Really though, the fact of the matter is that no matter who you are, sometimes shopping for men’s products proves a better way to find products with more longevity and value. Old Spice deodorant costs me half the price of Secret, and lasts twice as long. Aprons for men offer a new route to upgrading your culinary game, regardless of how you arrive at them. Here’s a few tips and the best aprons for men to get you cooking today. Bon appetit!

Benefits of Aprons for Men

Keep Clothes Clean

As mentioned, cooking is an exceptionally messy activity centered around getting your hands (and elbows, and favorite t-shirt) dirty—pouring, braising, whisking, and the like. Aprons protect against all this, even carrying over into cleanup, keeping your clothes safe from dirty dish water or other post-production debris. 

Store Culinary Tools

What’s more, cooking requires a deceptive amount of tools. Maybe you’re putting some finishing touches on the wings before they go in the oven, the preheat beeper is going off, and your string beans sauteing on the stove are begging for a good tousle. An apron comes awfully handy at a moment like this, where you can store your seasonings, tongs, and stirring spoon all within arms’ reach. Slipping on an apron creates new storage on your very person. 

For more resilience against stains and other liquid threats, choose a protective material like waxed canvas.

Stay Safe

Safety precautions shouldn’t be the stuff of professional kitchens alone. Sure, no one will call OSHA if you’re creating a fire hazard, but that just means you need to be OSHA for yourself. When handling hot liquids like soups and stews, a water-resistant apron can help protect you from a hearty scalding in case of accidental spillage. If you like to bring a little raw fire into your cooking equation, other aprons come equipped with flame resistant fabric in case the wind catches you off guard. If you’re cooking often, it’s always better safe than sorry. From a sheer statistical standpoint.

Honor the Occasion 

On a lighter note, cooking is inarguably one of the most human activities. Our species has been preparing and sharing food together since a time long before my writing this article was even remotely fathomable. Before language existed, even. Partaking in a ritual activity like donning a particular apron solidifies the occasion, honoring the moment and long heritage of the age-old tradition you’re initiating. 

How to Choose the Best Aprons for Men

Apron Material  

Mens aprons come in a surprisingly large assortment of fabrics like leather, canvas, cotton, and twill. Assess your cooking habits (and eventual goals!) and choose the best material to suit your needs. If you’re working in warm conditions and need something more breathable, opt for organic, lightweight materials like cotton. For more resilience against stains and other liquid threats, choose a protective material like waxed canvas. Meanwhile, leather works great for grilling! Note that some materials like vinyl and rubber are actually dangerous around fire-prone conditions. Material is the most important decision one can make when selecting the best aprons for men


As the second most useful facet of wearing mens aprons, pockets also rank the second most important consideration to make throughout your search. Number of pockets, size, and placement come down not only to personal preference, but also practicality. If the bulk of your cooking utensils are longer or larger, then wider pockets further down the body will create adequate space. On the other hand, if your practice relies more heavily on delicate, smaller utensils, then pockets more readily accessible and size-appropriate further up the body will prove more helpful. 

Apron Closure

This fact also stems from a balance of preference and practicality. Men’s aprons can close in a variety of fashion, from clips to ties. Think about what feels best on your body type, and what might serve your style best. Rigorous, movement-oriented cooks will probably prefer a more secure closure, like a clip. Meanwhile, laid back types could like a looser, adjustable tie. Explore your options, you’re getting closer!


Just because these are aprons for men doesn’t mean they should completely lack style. Beauty is a universal human need. Express yourself with your new practical piece of kitchen gear by choosing a color, shape, and pattern that suits your inner aesthetic. After all, the apron paves a road to appreciating the warm beauty innate to the simple act of cooking. 

The Best Aprons for Men

Most Comfortable: Professional Chef Kitchen Apron by GIDABRAND 

Professional Chef Kitchen Apron

Constructed from 100% lightweight cotton, this mens apron fosters optimum breatheability for the more active chef. GIDABRAND’s design includes an x-back design with adjustable straps that can accommodate up to a 50 inch waist. These features mean you enjoy a customizable, supportive experience while this heavy-lifting apron distributes its weight in an efficient, comfortable way.

Most Durable: c Deluxe Edition by Texas Canvas Wares

Professional Chef Kitchen Apron

This waxed canvas apron might have been built for the shop, but it’s a great fit for any cook looking to contend with a little extra mess. Its 100% 16 oz waxed cotton canvas materials shields from spills and stains, while four pockets keep all your necessary materials at hand. You could even clean as you go with gear like this. With straps that adjust up to a 54 inch waist, this durable men’s apron suits an even wider spectrum of wearers. 

At the Grill: Leather Grill Apron by OUTSET

Leather Grill Apron

An actual one-size-fits-all solution for grilling burgers and steaks, OUTSET has crafted this sumptuous leather apron from brown suede and a flame retardant lining to protect the man of the hour from splatters and hot grease alike. Armed with two deep front pockets for extra tools, this mens apron expertly pairs a rugged, rustic style with ultimate grilling capabilities. Well done.

For Beyond Burgers: Black Apron by Weber

Black Apron

We’d also like to include an equally grill-friendly option for those firing up portobello mushroom steaks and Beyond Burgers. Eschewing animal products, this simple and very sleek black apron from grill connoisseur Weber provides protection no matter what you’re flipping. Their streamlined design still includes two deep front pockets, and an adjustable tied closure suited admittedly to small frame sizes. 

For More Coverage: The Big Apron – Denver by Hedley & Bennett

The Big Apron

For those on the hunt for something a little more spacious, H&B creates cool aprons that suit truly all needs, with multiple collections overlapping for maximum options. The Big Apron brings extra space in all directions, with a wider expanse of coverage and longer length than most standard men’s aprons on the market. Still, the shape remains trim and modern, with three discrete pockets and colorways suited to present day fashions.  

Most Storage: Professional Grade Apron by Hudson Durable Goods

Professional Grade Apron

Jeremy Hudson started Hudson Durable Goods “to bring quality work gear to the common folk.” This family-owned enterprise has perfected the art of the best mens aprons, with products that are smart, powerful, and still stylish. This professional-grade apron accounts for an incredible amount of storage: two tool pockets, a chest pocket, and a kangaroo pocket. Yes, that is a beer the model has stashed alongside his wares there in that picture. You’ll have room for business in the front and also party in the front with this bad boy. 

Fine Food-Approved: Euro Bib Apron by Cayson 

Euro Bib Apron

Take it from The Strategist, this sophisticated bib apron is certified fine food approved, selected by industry professionals as one of the top in its class. Acclaimed chef Jeff Seizer, former team member at establishments like Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe and more recently head of Royale Raleigh and Lucarne says: “I love this apron so much… The feel is amazing, it’s amazing quality for the price. And in the large size, it’s quite long and wraps around you fully — I like a long apron.” It’s affordable and elegant, with an option to add embroidery. 

Best Printed: The Essential Apron by Hedley & Bennett  

The Essential Apron

Let’s return to Hedley & Bennett to end this list on a fashionable moment with the master of cool aprons. H&B offers their essential apron in an unparalleled smattering of patterns and shades, from serious to trippy, whimsical and tactical. Still, the shape remains one of the best aprons on the market. “Born in a professional kitchen out of the need for something better,” reads the product description. “Tested by Michelin Star chefs and fearless home cooks the world over. Relentlessly refined to be the perfect companion to any cooking adventure.” We like the understated update of the Blackberry design, complete with contrasting straps, but take it all the way up to acid wash if you’re ready for the challenge! Cooking is about trying new things, after all.  

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