10 ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes That Are Both Hilarious and Weird

Good news, everyone! Halloween isn’t canceled this year. Or at least the costumes aren’t. This is clearly the silver lining to 2020, because what else would Instagram baddies aspire to if they couldn’t dress up in sexed up costumes of inanimate objects, government officials, insects, etc. and feel amazing doing it?

Below, check out these 10 “sexy” Halloween costumes that are peak 2020 from everyone’s favorite unofficial sexy costume authority, Yandy. I laughed pretty hard while going through their website to find these, and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did.

1. Hand Sanitizer


Coronavirus? Not with this costume that kills 99.9% of germs.
Get it here for $69.95.

2. Murder Hornet


“You know what really turns people on? Those gross giant murder hornets that can literally kill you.” -The person who came up with this costume.
Get it here for $79.95.

3. Banned App


Perfect for all of the TikTok tards out there who popped an artery when the app got banned. *Savage by Megan Thee Stallion plays in the background*
Get it here for $29.95.

4. Mail-In Ballot


Making fun of the pathetic and corrupt political state of the nation is the best way to celebrate Halloween.
Get it here for $29.95.

5. Postal Babe


The Mail-In Ballot needs a partner in crime!
Get it here for $54.95.

6. Banana Bread Boredom


Is it hot in here, or does everyone and their mother just have their ovens preheated to 350 degrees to bake some bread that no one wants to eat?
Get it here for $42.95.

7. Tiger Queen


This is Jane Exotic, the long lost cousin of Joe Exotic who lives on the outskirts of Wynnewood, Oklahoma.
Get it here for $67.95.

8. Coolest Cat


Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Multiple sources have confirmed that this is the tiger that ate Carol Baskin’s sardine-oil-saturated husband.
Get it here for $44.95.

9. Fake News


Get it here for $59.95.

10. “I Voted” Pasties


Who needs a costume when you can just slap on some politically-charged pasties?
Get it here for $7.95.

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