Best Bike Wall Mount – Keep Your Bicycle Safe Inside

If you’re cold, they’re cold. Whether wintertime or the dawn of spring, it’s always safer to keep your bike inside and away from the elements, just like you’d don a fantastic parka to protect yourself from wind and rain. A bike wall mount de-clutters your space, while also keeping your bike off the ground and away from accidents. 

The best two-wheeled machinery becomes an extension of ourselves, a transportation tool that makes train wait times and traffic a minor nuisance of the past. For all the beats of the pedal down the road, your bike likely spends an equal amount of time in stowaway between destinations. The best bike wall mount for your home situation means all the more miles to enjoy.

Bike wall mounts can run a fairly wide price range depending on your situation—all the way from $5 to $500.

No two bike wall mounts are the same—each suits different needs of all varieties. These contraptions can prove overwhelming en masse, so we’ve sorted through your best options according to a wide array of parameters. Check out our guide below, and your best options for a bike wall mount to best suit your needs. 

What to Consider When Buying a Bike Wall Mount 


First and foremost, consider the capacity of your new bike wall mount from two predominant angles—the number of bikes to be stored, and their combined weight. Of course, if it can’t hold your ride(s) then this gear isn’t of much use. Lighter weight and load will open up your options, but if you’re a serious biker with multiple rides to store then it’s worth the splurge on a setup to accommodate all your needs. 

Hang Style 

Next, visualize the best way bike storage can fit into your life—whether that’s in your garage, stairwell, or even your apartment. There’s a bike wall mount to suit every space. Your bike can can horizontally, vertically, even from the ceiling! 

Mount Style

This factor comes down to a matter of practicality and preference. You can find a bike wall mount that hangs your ride on a hook, on a track, and there’s even a shocking array of pulley-and-lever options out there! A track will prove the sturdiest, but typically takes the most hardware and assembly. Lighter weight mount options usually prove easier to put together, but there’s always some surprises out there.


Bike wall mounts come in everything from standard metal blends to stainless steel, with powder coatings and neoprene. Assess the material of your potential new bike wall mount to assure its durability. You want your bike’s home to live a long life with your bike, right? The strongest options come equipped with coatings, and the most sophisticated blend additional materials with homey warmth where it’s right.


Bike wall mounts can run a fairly wide price range depending on your situation—all the way from $5 to $500. As always, balance your needs against what’s reasonable for your price range. There’s affordable options out there in almost every variety if one knows how to search. 


Maybe your bike collection will grow in the future, maybe someday you’ll upgrade your ride. Certain bike wall mounts lend themselves to expansion, either adjusting of their own accord or naturally enabling further growth. Keep your options open if this feels relevant to you.


Last but not least, consider the actual appearance of how your bike wall mount will look, especially if it’s going to live inside your apartment! There’s some really great options out their that offer a unique and classy decorative touch. Even if your bike wall mount will go in your garage, it serves to enhance the space by cleaning it up. Envision accordingly. 

Get Started With These Options for Your Best Bike Wall Mount Today! 

Most Loved: Steadyrack Fender Swivel Vertical Bike Wall Mount

Fender Swivel Vertical Bike Wall Mount

Time and again, editors and bike aficionados alike love Steadyrack’s Fender Swivel wall mount for its impeccable edge in organization. This vertical bike wall mount attaches to the rim of your bike’s front tire, hanging it with perfect posture and impeccable ease. However, the real kicker comes from the swivel, which allows you to smoothly rotate your bike l160 degrees to either side, lending access to other shelves and gear you have around. This rack can hold 1 bike at maximum 77 pounds, mounting easily into nearly any surface. At about $80, it’s a sturdy but relatively reasonable investment.

Creative Construction: Ceiling-Mount Bike Lift by The Container Store

The Container Store, pulley-and-lever

We promised you some pulley-and-lever action, and we’re here to deliver! In this hyper-technological modern era, it’s powerful to see some simple inventions still prevail. Free up some floor space and get your bike off the ground with this ceiling-mount bike lift by The Container Store, that haven of all organization. This intuitive contraption comes at the affordable rate of $25. Equipped to hold up to 50 pounds, this metal mounted method comes customer-certified in terms of easy installation as well.  

Most Compact: CLUG roadie by Hornit 

Hornit, CLUG

Less surface area means more flexibility, and in the case of Hornit’s CLUG roadie, more versatility. “The Eurobike award winning CLUG is the world’s smallest bike rack,” reads the product description. “You won’t believe something so small works so well, but it does. All you do is roll your bike up, and ‘CLUG’ it in. It’s like a hug for your bike!” One single, minimalist wall mount attaches to virtually any surface in mere minutes with a few screws alone, keeping your bike securely in place. Available in three colorways, you might even find yourself surprised that something so small can make a home style statement. At just over $20, the CLUG’s a complete steal!

Adjustable: IBERA Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger 

ib-st4 Wall Hanger Single Storage

Flexibility doesn’t just come from smaller sizes—some options like this inventive bike wall mount from IBERA come equipped with room for adjustment. This super sturdy wall hanger is built from an aluminum body with foam-padded ABS frame holders. It comes with arms that can move and lock into place to accommodate an array of bike sizes. At $35, IBERA’s adjustable option offers another affordable bike wall mount without sacrificing integrity in construction. Just make sure your setup has the studs or structure required to hold a little extra weight. 

Downtown Vibes: Wood Bike Storage by CB2

Wood bike mount, CB2, indoor bike rack

If your new bike wall mount will live in your apartment, consider paying extra attention to its aesthetic design. CB2 has handcrafted this elegant storage option from solid acacia wood with natural grain that makes every piece completely unique. At a maximum capacity just over 50 pounds, this stylish piece of gear holds its own against heavy duty competitors, cradling your bike in the notch designed to hook onto your cross bar. The best part? This mount doubles as a shelf for all the odds and ends you need to grab on your way out for a ride. 

Biking on a Budget: Park Tool Storage Hook

Park Tool, Storage Hook, bike hanger

Looking for the absolute most cost effective manner to get your bike up off the ground between rides? Park Tool offers a sturdy storage hook for the unbeatable rate of $3.95 through outdoor retailer Backcountry. Crafted from steel and armed with a limited lifetime warranty, you can stock up on as many of these hooks as necessary to handle your bike’s width. While the product specs don’t offer concrete load maximums, the reviews give some helpful pointers. “I’ve got 4 of the oversized wood version in the ceiling joists in my garage,” cites Derrick Smith. “Absolutely no concern hanging 35lb bikes and there is no cheaper option. Easy to install and bikes out of the way.”

Modern Minimalism: Connubia Baik Wall Bike Mount 

Connubia Bike Rack

If the devil’s in the details, then minimalism must be the closest we can get to godliness. This tight feat of Italian design gives the appearance of holding your bike tight with a bow, available in three trendy hues each replete with matte finishes. From a practical standpoint, Connubia’s great bike wall mount is super durable, built from sheet metal coated in neoprene. Rounded corners work well with feng-shui, but also protect you and surrounding furniture from jarring bumps. Just note this designer bit of gear will cost you just over $175.

Max Capacity: G-Bike by Teal Triangle 

best bike wall mount, G-Bike, Teal Triangle

Teal Triangle’s innovative bike storage solutions stem from the company’s real passion for the gear they’re catering to. When it comes to heavy loads, don’t trust anything less than their G-Bike system, a vertical hanging track-mounted bike wall mount that can carry up to five bikes, at 50 pounds each. The G-Bike system even comes with room for expansion—50+ options to be exact, including the popular opportunity for a shelf attached to its top. You can even adjust the bike attachment’s space from each other to accommodate differing widths in handlebars. All that power dwarves its slightly higher price tag–this bike wall mount promises indispensable storage to those who truly need it. 

Most Unique: Burlap Pipe Bicycle Rack by ThelronRoots

No matter where your new bike wall mount will go, this steampunk offering from craftspeople ThelronRoots promises to take root wherever it’s mounted. “What is stronger than black iron pipes?” asks the product description. “Nothing compliments iron pipes better than sturdy, thick wood and the earthy feel of real leather.” Don’t let all that power fool you though, this gear cares for your bike by keeping it a full 14 inches away from the wall to prevent scuffing, with wrapped burlap around the pipes to provide your bike a comfortable place to rest. Mixed the best of both worlds indoors or out with this completely unique bike wall mount. 

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