Tesla Cybertruck Races a Formula 1 Toilet Paper Car

WTF even is going on here?

I have no idea what this is.

And boxes of pasta. Boxes. Of pasta.

Visually, it’s a CGI Tesla Cybertruck chasing a CGI Formula 1 racer, aka the COVID-19 Formula 1 racer, constructed from toilet paper (wheels) and boxes of Barilla Pasta (body). The video is over five minutes long.

This comes to us courtesy Inside EVs. Writer Eric Loveday notes that “this may be the only race you’ll ever see between the COVID-19 Formula 1 car and any other vehicle. And we’re fortunate enough that it was uploaded to YouTube where it will forever live on, even if the F1 COVID-19 car does not.”

He’s got to be right about that, as toilet paper is both at a premium since the coronavirus pandemic began and notoriously terrible construction material.

I’ve read that the coronavirus has mental health effects on some. Apparently you don’t even need to catch it to have them.

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Steve Huff
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