Our Favorite Shoes From Allbirds, the Sustainable Brand That’s Storming the Stock Market

Allbirds, the New Zealand-based sustainable shoe company taking the footwear world and stock market by storm, knows the right kicks are more than a statement. Shoes anchor every ensemble, protecting our most vulnerable body parts from all kinds of elements while providing support throughout the day’s various adventures. Shoes are more than fashion—they’re a necessity. A commodity, even.

Like the best leather shoes, sneakers are an invaluable staple in your sartorial arsenal. Offering everything from stylish high tops to supportive running shoes, we’ve combed through Allbirds’ powerhouse wares to bring you our favorite shoes from this sustainable brand storming digital storefronts and the stock market alike. 

Why Allbirds?

Made from Nature

The Allbirds story starts with native New Zealander Tim Brown, who became enamored of his homeland’s abundant Merino wool. “Inherently curious, he began asking himself why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the footwear industry,” the Allbirds site explains.

Allbirds men’s and women’s shoes center around this super trendy material harvested from the Merino sheep, a breed that originated in Spain during the Middle Ages. Back then, these sheep were so coveted that Spain kept a strict monopoly on the breed for its wool, curtailing all Merino sheep exports. Today, Merino sheep live everywhere from Uruguay to New Zealand. Not only can one sheep comfortably provide five pounds of wool per year—Merino wool is also biodegradable, breaking back down into the earth within twelve months of discarding. 

“After years of researching and tinkering, Tim teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert,” their site continues. “Together, they crafted a revolutionary wool fabric made specifically for footwear. The outcome? An entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way.”

Crafted for Comfort

Merino wool was made to keep creatures comfortable. These sheep can thrive in climates ranging from 5 to 95 degrees, so you know it’s evolutionary angled to adjust to a vast array of temperatures. Merino wool is also moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and irresistibly soft to the touch. Pair that with Allbirds’ practical construction, including excellent arch support and the company’s 30-day guarantee, and rest assured you can slip into these tastefully minimalist shoes with unprecedented ease. 

Stock Market Splash

We can’t get enough of the Allbirds aesthetic and ethos, but the company’s recent IPO on the Nasdaq exchange yields the figures to prove their success. As CNBC reported last week, “Shoe maker Allbirds’ shares surged 90% in their market debut on Wednesday, as the company nabbed a valuation of roughly $4.1 billion.” Zwillinger attributed this to the company’s eco-friendly ethos, stating, “investors were really attracted by the opportunity to put their capital against great opportunity to create outcomes that were better for the planet.”

Support their mission and share in the zeitgeist by stocking up on the latest and greatest from Allbirds today!

Our Favorite Shoes From Allbirds

Everyday Sneaker: Wool Runner Mizzle

Looking for a shoe to take you everywhere? The Wool Runner Mizzles comes in a sleek shape casual enough for the grocery store yet polished enough for a dinner date. This water-repellent sneaker comes crafted from thick Merino wool that’ll keep you warm during colder month while warding off that old-sneaker smell. They’re even safe for machine washing! The Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles come in both men’s and women’s varieties, united by flexible arch support that adapts to its wearer’s movements. For men, we love this limited edition Ausangate colorway, muted enough to match any outfit but armed with sufficient personality to hold its own in your ensemble’s statement. A real conversation starter! 

Lightweight: Tree Toppers

If it’s effervescence you’re out for, then look no further than the Tree Toppers. This fashion-forward design by Allbirds also comes in both men’s and women’s varieties. “Add a little edge to your threads in our minimalist high top made with breathable, silky-smooth eucalyptus tree fiber,” the product description reads. Their featherweight construction is best suited for warmer temperatures, providing a solid foundation for your feet that won’t weigh you down. Knit exterior stays on trend in a timeless fashion. 

Best Running Shoes: Trail Runners SWT

When it comes to running shoes, the right choice makes a world of difference. Well-crafted workout shoes don’t just keep your joints safe, they even make your workout more effective. Allbirds offers maximum practicality with the Trail Runners SWT, their latest exercise silhouette available for both men and women. This impeccable running sneaker comes equipped with rugged all-condition, multi-surface traction for great grip on all surfaces. Its cushioned midsole protects and moves with your feet, providing a solid foundation for this shoe’s breathable one-piece upper with durable ripstop protection. All that with enough style to power you for miles!

Weather-Ready: Wool Runner Up Mizzles

Sustainability-minded shoe fans living in weather-prone areas will live for the Wool Runner Up Mizzles by Allbirds. These shoes’ edgy high top design extends their water repellent protection all the way up to your ankles. Built from ZQ Merino wool coated with a bio-based water repellent shield, rainy days feel more like a challenge than a threat. The Runner Ups’ thick wool body offers additional insurance against the cold, while their soles’ no-slip natural rubber grip keeps you standing on surprising slippery surfaces slick from precipitation. Available in seven cool colorways, we like the Terra option for its rugged undertones, which underscore this awesome shoe’s practicality.

Statement Kicks: Wool Lounger Fluffs

Who says style and substance are mutually exclusive? Allbirds proves otherwise with their Wool Lounger Fluffs, another statement shoe borne of the company’s proprietary sustainability and practicality. With cooler months on the horizon, max out the fluff with these grab-and-go slip-on shoes made from Merino wool inside and out. Big on personality, these shoes also come in men’s and women’s sizes and shapes. They’re available in three colors, including white and grey, but we love black most of all. Not only does this hue hold its own against the wear and tear of daily life, but it creates an interesting visual dichotomy between playfulness and polish. Pay tribute to the Allbirds mission by decking out your dogs in Merino wool, from heel to toe!

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