Fears Watches: Our Favorite Models From the Rising Watch Brand

We’ve said it before, but allow us to take the opportunity to remind you again here and now: The right watch is kind of like a totem, a way to guide you forward with style, dependability and quality in mind. And if you find the right watch, it can ground you, it can lift up your day based on looks alone, and it can become something so reliable, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it on your wrist. That’s where Fears Watches comes into play. They’re a British watch brand on the rise, one that’s making some noise and making a name for itself as far as the coolest watches on the planet are concerned. We know what you’re thinking, though.

You’ve already got your phone handy, and probably a clock on your nightstand. So, why wear a watch? The answer, really is simple. Well, somewhat. If you favor practicality, functionality and a dash of old-world style, you’ve got to get Fears Watches on your wrist ASAP. The right watch keeps you on time, it pulls together even the most seemingly casual outfits, it looks cool-as-heck, and it’s got a bit of retro style going for it.

After all, men used pocket watches before they made the transition to wristwatches, but timekeeping’s heritage and sense of self-determination has carried forward to this day. And a great watch is just part of what you need in your everyday carry — you know, those small trinkets and gadgets that can make or break your commute, your productivity or that first date (no one wants to be the guy who’s late, or who’s forgotten his wallet at home).

One easy way around those pitfalls? Wear a great watch. Heck, if you find the perfect watch, you might realize you’ll actually look forward to wearing it day in and day out. And the ideal thing about wearing a watch, especially after a year and change spent dressing more casually, is the fact that a watch can give you a sense of purpose and place. It can also act as a finishing touch to fine tailoring, to a rugged cardigan and denim, to a T-shirt and chinos, just like your grandfather might have worn.

We all need more practice at getting back into the swing of dressing better, and the right timepiece can be a nice way to add some sturdy structure and style to your life again.

A man wearing a watch is a man who needs to be on time, who needs to be places, who needs to get there by moving quickly (the adage, “Be quick, but don’t hurry” comes to mind), and who needs to look great each step of the way. If you heard a lightbulb go off above your head, you’re in luck, because Fear Watches is the watch brand to buy now.

They’re one of the oldest family-run watch companies in Britain, after all, and like benchmade British shoes or esteemed Saville Row tailoring, it’s certainly true that the “old ways are the best” — you’re certainly going to be impressed with Fear Watches, and you can consider that a guarantee. Fears was established back in 1846, and even stood fast at its Bristol Bridge location from 1866 (the company’s second) until the 1940s. Fears even survived as a brand through the World War II blitz on London, and its watches today reflect that esteemed history and timeless style.

If we had to guess, this is the kind of watch brand that a man like Tommy Shelby might have worn, by order of the Peaky Blinders (after all, it’s a seriously cool British watch brand built to exacting standards, kind of like Tommy’s suits). And in matters of dress and style, that’s pretty neat to think about, is it not? Get yourself a decent haircut, man and get a new watch while you’re at it, too.

But let’s talk about wearing a watch in the year 2021. If you haven’t figured it out, we’re big advocates for the importance of a great timepiece. To put it even more simply: You’ve also got to consider the “here and now” when shopping for a new timepiece. What we mean by that is simple: There are certain considerations to keep top-of-mind when watch shopping. And not to worry: We’ll share our favorite Fears watches shortly.

What To Look For When Buying a Watch

  • Case material: The material your watch dial and case is made out of is more crucial than it might seem. Fears uses 316L stainless steel, which is remarkably tough and sturdy, built to last and take a few dings, if push comes to shove. It won’t scratch, it won’t flake, it won’t give way under pressure or damage the inner workings of the watch.
  • Strap material: Fears in particular is one brand that doesn’t cut corners when it comes to watch strap quality. This is a key factor to keep in mind as you shop for your new watch. Do you want a handsome leather strap watch from Brunswick leather, for instance? Or do you want a watch that’s primarily reserved for colder climates or blustery British days, like a wool watch strap from Fears? The choice is yours, but you won’t be let down either way.
  • Watch color: If you’re skeptical of buying a finely crafted wristwatch to start, perhaps it’s best to ease your fears (pun intended) by buying one of the most versatile watches on the planet, let’s say, perhaps a brown or blue watch (strap, or dial, or both!), that you can wear with nearly anything in your closet. Take it from a writer who often wears brown leather boots on the daily: If you dress in much the same way, then a refined brown leather watch from Fears is a solid bet. Again, it’s all about evaluating your lifestyle, but Fears has a watch for you any way you slice it.

The coolest watches from Fears don’t come cheap, but you’re investing in an heirloom that lets people you know you’ve got places to go and stylish things to do (like sipping on new whiskey, or shopping for finely crafted leather boots, or browsing for a new record player or bar cart). Fears can take you there, and beyond that, too. Note the Fears watches are exquisitely crafted with great care, and it takes more than just a few days to put together a Fears watch.

Certain models aren’t available right now, and certain models are currently sold out, but there are still versatile watch options aplenty from Fears.

Our Four Favorite Watches from Fears To Buy Right Now

Fears Brunswick Midas Silver Watch

Fears Brunswick Midas Silver Watch

It would be a supreme understatement to say that Fears watches are something else enitrely in the world of watchmaking: They’re a category unto themselves, with heritage at the very forefront. This handsome 38mm diameter dress watch is inspired by a timepiece crafted by the brand in 1924, and it’s incredibly fitting that this classic watch is just as elegant now as then.

Fears Brunswick Grey Dial Watch

Fears Brunswick Grey Dial Watch

Fears watches are nothing if not highly unique, covetable and truly one-of-a-kind: Each one has the potential to upend your watch collection entirely, turning the process of selecting a watch for daily wear into a simple one (as in, you’ll only want to wear your Fears timepiece). The Brunswick Grey Dial is as sporty as the other Brunswick options are refined, featuring an incredibly tough Kevlar strap, a remarkable Platinum case and that crisp-as-can-be Anthracite Grey dial color. To call it a work of art is an understatemet.

Fears Brunswick Blue Dial Watch

Fears Brunswick Blue Dial Watch

If you’re going to go big, you might as well go really, really big and get a watch that’s unlike anything owned by practically anyone else. That’s a pretty lofty goal, and you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny to lock down your new favorite watch, but trust us when say this striking, visually stunning, supremely stylish Brunswick Watch is absolutely as good as it gets. It’s sized nicely with a 38mm diameter case, all the better to really drive home that crisp, dressy style. And like all Fears watches, it’s got a nice touch of history to it, as well — Fears says that this watch draws “its inspiration from a gentleman’s cushion case watch in the Fears archives, first made in 1924.” We absolutely love that, and we think you will, too.

Fears Brunswick Brown Watch

Fears Brunswick Brown Watch

Currently, this watch is sold out, which is perhaps for the best at the moment, as we’d be down to spend a ton of money to add it to your watch rotation. The Brunswick in Brown stands apart from a crowded field of contemporary watches, and it’s even a cut above other Fears timepieces, thanks to three watch strap options. Our personal favorite is the Bund strap, made in Belgium using European Buffalo nubuck. Fears had this to say about the innovative and durable watch strap to complement its iconic Brunswick watch: “This style of strap features an extra band of leather between the watch case and the skin,” with origins in military aviation. We’ll add that to our arsenal of watch facts, and hopefully, one day soon, you’ll be able to add this prestigious watch to your wrist game.

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