The Best Headphone Stand to Buy Right Now

Much has been said about the ever-increasing role of screens in our society. These discussions center around technology’s evolution through the sense of sight. Sound, a slightly more elusive sensation, sometimes falls by the wayside. Do you ever pause to contemplate, for a moment, about this unimaginable ability to curate our soundscape moment by moment with millions of sounds available across so many streaming services? At no other time in even recent history would such capacity have been thought possible. Lucky draw of the birth lottery for you, huh?

Just like hardware caters to the proliferation of screens of smartphones and smart refrigerators, sound finds new space in more sophisticated speakers and earbuds and headphones. Audiophiles in particular live for that last innovation, a compact device packed with sound so rich the listener can  differentiate minute layers. That level of detail enables anyone to craft an entirely new reality wherever they are.

Whether you use your headphones for gaming or work or for fun, a headphone stand pays homage to these incredible feats of technology while saving you space and lending a stylish touch. As always, an overwhelming multitude of options abound, so we’ve curated our picks for the best headphone stands to buy right now. 

Why buy a headphone stand?

  • Streamlined organization: Setting aside space for a headphone stand restores an even deeper sense of organization to your surroundings. The wide variety of headphone stands available on the market means you can find one to suit your digs specifically. 
  • Safe space: Many times, the more intensely you adore sound, the more you’ll invest in it. Maybe you even have an extra set (or sets!) for work, play, and podcasts. No matter what, we all realize how dearly we love our headphones the moment we forget them before heading out. A headphone stand creates a safe space to store your treasures, whether you want them on, under, or even behind your desk. That means peace of mind. 
  • Easy access: Storing your gear in the same, safe space minimizes choice fatigue. Their location lies locked in your muscle memory, available for automatic access. Just grab your headphones from their stand and get to listening.

Whether you use your headphones for gaming or work or for fun, a headphone stand pays homage to these incredible feats of technology while saving you space and lending a stylish touch.

What to consider before buying:

  • Material: Choosing your material determines the stand’s cost, its weight, and its durability. While the first variable comes down to your budget, keep in mind that heavier materials like wood or metal, while more expensive, will also prove more durable and reliable than cheaper options like plastic.
  • Shape: This multifaceted factor incorporates further customization. The shape of your headphone stand should suit the headphones themselves, keeping them in their comfiest shape while not in use. The construction of the stand should also suit the surface. Last but not least, the shape should also say something about your style, whether that’s minimalist, maximalist, vintage or futuristic.
  • Bonus features: Headphone stands come with all manner of bonus features like USB ports, phone holders, organizational racks and LED lights. Check out our roundup below to see all the possibilities in store and choose what might help you most. 

Headphone Stand by Master & Dynamic 

For the minimalist: It doesn’t get any simpler than this beautifully pared down headphone stand from Master & Dynamic. Their slim, functional stand hits all the basic elements innate to this gear’s shape, with a proud base and resolute hanger rounding at a 90 degree angle. Any set of headphones can hang from a piece like this, which comes in two brushed metals embodying all the best of the utilitarian, sound-savvy expertise that’s earned Master & Dynamic their acclaim. 

H Stand by elago

Best All Around: Looking for a dependable headphone stand that won’t break the bank? Look no further than this simple stand by experienced tech outfitter elago. “Abstaining from unnecessary functions and flashy colors, H stand is a tasteful addition to your desk or workspace,” the description notes. Their aluminum stand fits in with every style, adding a subtle dash of personality for good measure. The large anti slip silicone pad at the top accommodates virtually every size of headphones imaginable, creating the tack necessary to hold them in place regardless of make, suspended like a feather.  

Aluminum USB Headphone Stand by Satechi

For the hyper-techie: This headphone stand runs with the classic silhouette, carrying it into the future with three USB-A data transfer ports and a 3.5mm audio jack port. You might be surprised by the rarity of this natural customization. Any make or model of headphones can hang from the gentle crook extending from its base, which reaches about 11 inches tall. This simple piece of gear allows you to manage cords in the least intrusive way possible, keeping your headphones free from any remaining cacophony.

Wood Headphone Stand by Deco Gear

For the strings and woodwinds: This graceful wooden swoop looks like a musical instrument itself, a testament to its utility. The curve keeps headphones in their optimal shape, but if you own especially small headphones, this might not be the best choice. However, anyone looking for an earthier approach will love this smooth headphone stand crafted from warm, layered wood. “I bought one for my son-in-law, for his birthday, and he loves it,” writes one review. “My second son-in-law saw it and liked it so much I bought him one. Now, I bought my third son-in-law, an engineer, one and he also loves it.” Can’t beat feedback like that!

HS908 Dual Headphones Stand by Avantree

Best for audiophiles: This double-pronged headphone stand offers its own perspective, favoring increased real estate over other possibilities. Avantree’s HS908 Headphones Stand supports two sets of headphones from beneath, providing comfortable resting places for the multiple sets of headphones belonging to those most tried-and-true audiophiles. Furthermore, the design of this stand’s support system ensures it can fit literally any pair of headphones. Built from a lightweight but durable aluminum alloy, you’ll enjoy this long lasting gear’s ability to display the best of your arsenal all in one simple row. 

Razer Base Station Chroma

Best for gamers: Razer’s approach gears addresses itself gamers in particular with an additional mix of interesting features. The company built this stand specifically to accommodate gaming headphones, which usually weigh a bit more due to their own intense attention to detail. Next, this stand adds a 3-port USB 3.0 hub. Users can directly connect their devices to the stand. The most fun part comes from the multicolored LED lights at its base. As the product description explains: “With 16.8 million colors, countless patterns, dynamic in-game lighting effects—experience full RGB customization and deeper immersion with the world’s largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices.” Here, your gear becomes part of the game. 

Peak Headphone Case, Coal by hardgraft

For the literati: Most products in this category stand pretty straightforward in terms of silhouette, though countless new combinations do arise from an array of shifting elements. This sculptural, artistic approach presented by Vienna-born brand hardgraft harmonizes “design, functionality and personality.” What looks like an attractive leather bag has been turned on its head to serve a new function. Headphones sit regally upon this throne, which features protective padding throughout and can be molded to fit any shape (and most kinds of headphones.) This truly unique piece conveys a more creative manner of living. 

The Anchor by ElevationLab

Best stowaway: Desktop headphone stands can’t work for everyone, it’s true. Some of us keep more chaotic lives, and/or perhaps less space. ElevationLab’s Anchor accounts for such folks. This piece hangs from under the surface it’s affixed to, extending two arms with crooks to hang headphones from. Anti slip silicone construction lends a little flexibility—that means it won’t hurt in case of accidental bumps. Best of all though, its versatility in location gives you greater levity to locate the safest possible place to stow your beloved headphones. 

Hengja Adjustable Headphone Hanger by Brainwavs Audio

For the vice grip: For anyone else who hasn’t found their match on this list yet, check out our most versatile offering. If your home has some particularly interesting shapes in it, you might find the adjustable vice grip structure of this easily-installable headphone stand most efficient. It works with both vertical and horizontal surfaces, and features sturdy metal construction. Check out those reviews—time and again, people return to share how this one contraption simplified their existence.

Classic Headphone Stand by headphile

For the maximalist: Let’s bring this list full circle and round out our roundup at the other end of the spectrum. An expert in the foothills of Washington handcrafts these headphone stands from a multi-generational knowledge, according to their bio. Fully bespoke, buyers customize the whole object—single or quad holders, eleven different types of wood (including Cocobolo, the inspiration behind Oliver Peoples’s glasses colorway of the same name), five endcap styles, and deer skin or not on the hanger. This surprisingly affordable handmade creation testifies to just how much can be done with something so simple and helpful as a headphone hanger, maybe even something overlooked, like a sound.

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