How To Style A Leather Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are the best option if you are looking for something stylish and cozy to go with casual clothes. A leather bomber jacket style never gets out of fashion. During World War II, these jackets were designed for the pilot. These are warm and a barrier against the strong wind. So, bomber jackets insulate pilots properly at higher altitudes.

Gradually, these leather jackets gained popularity among the people and since then its trend is not over. Bomber jackets are comfortable to wear and never restrict your movement. From various color options to different stuff for the internal lining, a buyer can get several options of bomber jackets to choose from. 

Tips to Style a Leather Bomber Jacket

If you are confused about how to style your new leather bomber jackets, here are a few styling tips to make this process easy for you.

1. The thing needed to style a leather bomber jacket

Usually, leather jackets go with everything and do not require some special things. However, there are a few things that can enhance your looks. It is better to pair your leather jacket with dark-colored pants or boots. Both collared shirts and T-shirts can do the job. A stylish belt can give you a sleek appearance. You can also wear it with a sweater during winter for extra insulation. 

2. Choose the color of your choice

Leather bomber jackets have various color options. Do not be afraid of trying other colors except for black and brown. If you want to stand out in a crowd of people wearing leather jackets, try to buy leather jackets of a unique color like green or navy. Simple pair up the jacket with a neutral-colored shirt and feel the transformation.

3. Try to mix up the colors

Most people like to wear an all-black outfit with a black leather jacket. It is okay but not something flattering. Try to mix up the colors to create a unique look. Other than the solid black color of the pants, you can wear a lighter shade. Except for the white shirt, go with a colorful one. The classiest thing to try is wearing dull blue jeans with your black bomber jacket.

4. Consider the weather

The material of the leather jacket can vary according to the weather. Buy a jacket that can withstand the temperature. For summer, you can choose lightweight jackets with a thin lining. However, in winter, choose a jacket with a lining that acts as insulation for your body. The nylon lining is most appropriate during cold weather for a leather bomber jacket for men. Almost every leather jacket is moisture resistant to protect you during the rainy season.

5. Matte vs shiny finishing. What to choose?

Both matte and shiny finishing are okay but mostly matte finishing is preferred. Matte finishing gives an expensive look to the jacket and masks the wearing out of the jacket for a long time. A shiny leather jacket is not popular because the damage to the jacket is over shown in the jacket. The same thing goes for zippers and buttons. Choose black or dull metallic colors for them, so your remaining outfit remains prominent.

6. Dress up according to your body type

There are only a few things that look incredible on the bodies of everyone regardless of their body shape. The leather bomber jacket is one of them. No matter whether you are strong and sturdy or slim, you will feel like this jacket is made for you. Choose the appropriate size for yourself and you will nail it. You can also unzip the jacket for a slimmer look.

7. Prefer quality over quantity

Do not fill up your wardrobe with several leather jackets without considering the quality. This style is not going away for many years. So, if you are considering buying a bomber leather jacket, choose the best quality jacket. They have a long life to stay in your wardrobe for a longer duration. Increase your budget to some extent and choose the best one according to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size leather jacket should I get?

The appropriate size of leather jacket for you is one that which do not limit your movement. It should be comfortable to wear. After zipping up the shirt, there must be enough room underneath to wear a light sweater.

Does a bomber leather jacket literally go with everything?

 This phrase is accurate but sometimes styling the bomber leather jacket can be messed up too. Do not wear something bulky under the jacket as it ruins your appearance. If you feel something odd, try to pair up your jacket with a different look.

What can I wear under my leather bomber jacket?

Most people choose to wear a collared shirt or t-shirt with a color from a neutral pallet. But in winter, wearing a sweater, hoodie, or a turtle neck will do a great job against the cold and it will overpower your look. 

Should I zip up or open my leather bomber jacket?

Both things are fine to do. Choose the one according to the look you want to get and the surrounding temperature. However, you can unzip the jacket to get a slimmer look.  

Is it wise to spend some money on a quality leather bomber jacket?

A leather bomber jacket for men is a long-term investment. They are in the style for several decades and still, their demand is not decreasing. So, it is better to spend some more money the getting the best quality leather.

Which lining material is best for my leather bomber jacket in winter?

The classic bomber jackets had the lining made of fur which is best for warmth during winter. However, you can also choose from different lining material options like thick cotton or sherpa.


The leather bomber jacket for men is always in demand. Styling it is easy but a little mistake can mess up your entire look. Get the best quality leather jacket and coordinate the color of your outfit with it properly for getting a stylish look. A properly worn leather jacket keeps you a center of attraction in a crowd.

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