These $2,720 Louis Vuitton Dumbbells Are Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

Designer Louis Vuitton died at age 70 in 1892, years before the eponymous fashion house achieved wide renown. But if that sedentary, escargot-slurping Frenchie had owned a set of high-end $2,720 dumbbells, Vuitton would have lived long enough to see his progeny make the luxury brand a household name.

Louis Vuitton—the company, not the dead designer—will surely have to retool its factories to mass-produce the non-modular pair of four-figure, 6-kilogram weights. Why?

1. Science. A study (or a Ranker poll, can’t remember) suggests that using attractive equipment with features like “lustrous metal” and “eye-catching Monogram Eclipse canvas handles” is the quickest way to build an attractive physique. Checks out.

(Photo: Louis Vuitton)

2. Coronavirus. As gyms and other frequented locations remain closed in an attempt to slow the disease’s spread, many are are turning to at-home workouts. With a clear concern for the availability of fitness gear, Louis Vuitton has admirably stepped up to serve the public’s needs.

We can only hope that Louis Vuitton’s Production of non-surgical face masks to combat the pandemic doesn’t detract from its industrial capacity. For the time being, however, the weights are in stock. Click here to buy before they’re gone!

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