Best Wireless Headphones: Cheaper Alternatives to AirPods

True wireless headphones are everywhere these days, with Apple’s AirPods being the category’s bestseller. But like all other Apple products, it comes at a high price point and frankly isn’t worth all those coins.

The good news is that many competitors actually offer even better audio quality, battery life, and overall performance for much less. Obviously, it’d be a shame to mindlessly splash out $250 for mediocre AirPods when you can get something better for cheaper.

Below, check out some of the top wireless headphones you can buy right now.

Urbanears Alby

Urbanears Alby Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
(Photo: Urbanears)

Add some color to your life with these funky bluetooth headphones from Urbanears. Available in five fresh colorways in a sleek matte finish, you get to adorn your ears in the color that fits your personal style while enjoying three continuous hours of listening per charge. The charging case offers four full on-the-go charges, and a microphone in each earbud ensures great call quality.

Get it here for $69.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
(Photo: Samsung)

Our choice for the wireless headphones with the most innovative design is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Shaped like a kidney bean, these funny little earpuds pack a punch with 12mm speakers, a large driver, and bass duct for seamless and spacious sound flow.

Get it here for $169.99.

Google Pixel Buds 2

Google Pixel Buds 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
(Photo: Google)

OK, Google! Google’s first generation of Pixel Buds launched in 2017 alongside the (awful) Pixel 2 XL phone, and they weren’t the best. Now, a few years later, the new and improved version of the headphones are on the market with many upgraded features for a true wireless headphone experience.

Five hours of listening time plus a wireless charging case that provides 19 additional hours makes this a great option in terms of battery life, and the touch controls are much more responsive compared to other similar bluetooth headphones out there.

Get it here for $179.99

1More ColorBuds

1More ColorBuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
(Photo: 1More)

Another amazing choice for battery life, 1More’s ColorBuds give you six hours of battery on a single charge, and 22 hours total with the charging case. That’s a lot of hours, my friends.

As for the sound quality, these headphones were tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi, so that you can hear your music as the artist intended from a full-range balanced armature. Plus, the lightweight ergonomic design fits securely into your ear and doesn’t weigh you down with any bulkiness.

Get it here for $99.99.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

(Photo: Cambridge Audio)

Cambridge Audio is mainly known for their pricey high-end sound systems and audio equipment, so you already know these are going to have amazing sound quality. The Melomania 1 has a seriously impressive 45 hours of battery life without a charging case, which makes AirPods look like a joke.

Perhaps more importantly, these wireless headphones offer phenomenal audio quality that rivals that of expensive over-ear headphones with graphene-enhanced 5.88mm drivers.

Get it here for $99.95.

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