Get Tipsy During Your Workout with This Alcohol-Soaked ‘Body By Wine’ Exercise Routine

BABE Wine, the brainchild of Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. The Fat Jewish, is here to make your home workouts exponentially more fun with its boozy new Body By Wine exercise routine and accompanying merch collection.


The collection includes fun items like leggings, resistance bands, yoga mats, and sweatbands emblazoned with “Body By Wine,” and are all perfectly Insta-ready. You know, because wine isn’t usually associated with workouts and getting in shape, but this company made it happen. This is innovation, my friends.


The workout moves are just as endearing, using cans of wine as weights and also as motivation. The GIF below explains the motivation part:


You see? Push-ups, but with a refreshing sip of deliciously bubbly wine on each rep. Groundbreaking.


You love it, right? Good. Try it for yourself by following along with the routine below.

“Body By Wine” Workout 

  1. 15 Push-Ups (each ending with a sip of BABE)
  2. 30-Second Partner Planks (one person does the plank, while the other sips wine on your back)
  3. 15 Partner Sit-Ups (sit up and take sip from your partner, then go back down) 
  4. 1-Minute Yoga Break (sit on the floor – inhale, exhale, sip, repeat)
  5. 20 Bicep Curls (using BABE cans as weights) 
  6. 20 Tricep Kickbacks (using BABE cans as weights) 
  7. 15 Leg Lifts (lay on your side, alternate between a leg lift and a sip of BABE) 
  8. 1-Minute Plank (while scrolling/double tapping on your phone)
  9. Shavasana (relax – you made it!) 

The workout gear is seriously really cute and would make a great gift for your girlfriend or any other lady in your life, and you can shop the collection right here. Just as well, you can buy BABE wine right here.

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