Babe Wine, Co-Founded by ‘The Fat Jewish,’ is Surprisingly Refreshing — Especially the Rosé

Everyone loves a good bottle of wine — but there’s just something about a can of wine that hits different, especially if it’s an ice-cold can of bubbly rosé.

You might be wondering to yourself, “What’s a good canned wine that doesn’t taste like it’s from 7-Eleven?” You know, because convenience store wine is absolute trash.

The answer? Babe. The brainchild of Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. The Fat Jewish, Babe was acquired by Anheuser-Busch in 2019, and is meant for lighthearted enjoyment, as made blindingly obvious by its marketing.

“Hey you guys,” the monologue on the back of the can reads. “You look great. I love your face. Have you lost weight? Let’s be honest. Someone had to create a bubbly rosé that was delicious, and most of all, so us. You’re welcome. Love you, miss you, hate you, love you, mean it.”

Like I said, lighthearted enjoyment.

Plus, Emily Ratajkowski is the face of the brand, which is a nice touch considering how aesthetically pleasing she is.

When i got my hands on a four-pack of the rosé, I cracked open a can and was pleasantly surprised at how crisp it was, with the the tiny, effervescent bubbles making me feel alive. Upon inspecting the can, my excitement only grew when I noticed the alcohol content. Twelve percent!

You see, the only thing rosé normally does for me is piss me off and give me a headache with its lame alcohol percentage of around 10%, but Babe over here is ballin’ at 12%. I was feeling a solid tingle after just one can, and when I polished the second can off, I was good to go.

Me and my friends after two cans of Babe.

As a rule of thumb, rosé is usually reserved for warmer months, but that’s bullshit. I’d drink this bubbly pink wine year-round. You just can’t beat that delicious tingle and the swift buzz onset.

Perfect for drinking at a BBQ, grandma’s birthday party, by the pool or beach, during Christmas, or literally whenever, Babe is available in Rosé‎, Grigio, and Red, and comes in 4-packs for $14.99. Not a bad price, if you ask me. You can get it directly from the Babe website or from Drizly.

(Photo: Babe)

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