Stanley Tucci Made a ‘Sacrilegious’ Negroni on Instagram and People are Loving It

Actor and apparent cocktail aficionado Stanley Tucci wowed the internet when he took to Instagram to gently slam some jiggers and share his Negroni recipe with a brief instructional video.

While the rest of us are in sweatpants and tees, Tucci was surprisingly well-dressed in black slacks and a black polo, his head smoother than ever.

“Mostly, people have Negronis on the rocks,” he explains, adjusting his glasses. “But I think, actually, they’re quite nice up.” Clearly he’s about to go full 007 on us and break the first rule of Negronis — they’re supposed to be on the rocks.

Anyway, he adds ice to shaker with his bare hands (a bold move), and dumps in two ounces of gin as he says: “If you don’t like gin, you can use vodka, and maybe you can just lace it with gin.” Hmm. Not sure how I feel about a gin floater in a vodka Negroni, but okay.

He then pulls out a bottle of Carpano Antica Formula sweet vermouth and gracefully drags Martini brand vermouth. “You don’t want to use Martini.” He takes a long, judging pause. “You know that brand Martini. It’s not good,” he says as he scrunches his face and wags his finger.

Damn, Stanley! So bougie!

After adding in an ounce of Campari that’s “made in Milan,” he secures the cap of the shaker and shakes it all up, strains it into a coupe, and garnishes it with a fat orange slice.

Is this the way a traditional Nergoni is made? No. But is this the way a QuaranTucci is made? Absolutely. And while Negronis are not meant to be shaken, The Devil Wears Prada actor executed this Negroni masterclass with such confidence, assertion, and finesse that no one is even mad about it, and people are demanding more Tucci Tutorials A.S.A.P.

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