Haven’t Had a Haircut in a While? Here are Some Pro Grooming Tips for Coming Out of Quarantine

Listen, it’s been a long few months for all of us. There’s no doubt about it. Being on lockdown for months on end left a lot of us looking a little worse for wear, so the fine folks at men’s grooming brand Baxter of California dished out some expert advice on how to best deal with your unkempt post-quarantine hairdo and scruffy face rug so that you can get back to your best self A.S.A.P.

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1. Embrace a new look

“Everyone has been without a haircut for one or two months, so guys are going to be more open and flexible to longer hairstyles,” says Nicolas Perez, a Baxter of California Educator and Owner of the Noble Chair Barbershop in Chicago.

“When you are heading back into your barbershop, spend some time talking to your barber about your goals. Do you want to get back to your same look as before or try something new? You might be looking for something different than before.”

Really, though. There’s no better time than now to try out a new hairstyle. Even though things are beginning to open back up, odds are we’re going to be spending more time at home than at the bar or with friends this summer. So, go nuts! Just go for that half-shaved look you’ve been thinking about, and if you don’t like your new look, don’t sweat it. People won’t really have a chance to see it while you test it out, and it’ll grow out in a few short weeks, anyway.

2. Don’t forget to make your health a priority

Aside from getting your appearance back to its perfectly coiffed and handsome glory, there’s the pressing issue of safety. The lockdown was due to a pandemic, after all.

“Safety is the most important concern as guys head back to the barbershop. You should expect requirements like wearing a mask, waiting outside before it’s your turn for a cut or at a safe distance from other customers in the shop. These new guidelines will be important to follow.”

So, if you realize your barbershop is a juuust little too popular and isn’t exactly being sanitary about things, you might want to try again another day, or find a new barber for the time being. Your health comes first.

3. If all else fails, just keep your hair and beard long!

“If you aren’t able to get into your favorite barbershop before your office opens back up, don’t be afraid to take off the hat when you head back in! Wash your hair and tame the flyaways with Clay Pomade.”

“For your beard, soothe itchy skin and smooth with Beard Oil. Your look won’t be the same as before but you’ll still feel confident.” And confidence is all that matters, my handsome dudes.

And there you have it. A few short and simple tips for safely getting back into the swing of things — or just embracing a new look with longer hair and a scruffier beard.

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